best luminizer for legs?

  1. basically i'm looking for some sort of skin "luminizer". not really a self-tanner. i quite like the color of my legs at the mo lol. i just want something to give a little bit of "life" to my legs this winter season... if that makes any sense :confused1:

    so far i've seen 2 that seems good...

    modelco - shimmer airbrush luminizer & Victoria Secret - Heavenly Body Glimmering Moisture Mist

    any recommedations?
  2. also, not something disco ball glittery... :nogood:
  3. what about palmer's coco butter gloss? That seems to work well. I guess it is a luminizer. Also, oil of olay's quench has bits of sparkle in the lotion.
  4. thanks! will look into that

    you know what i noticed? all those shimmery lotions... like nivea, is all discontinued & now hard to find. i wonder why :sad:
  5. ^ Amazon still has the Nivea one!

    I've tried Dove Energy Glow Shimmering Lotion (not the self tanner) and I really liked it. Skin Milk Soft Shimmer Lotion is another good one.


    Another thing you can do is take a shimmer powder like Urban Decay and mix it with plain lotion or baby oil. It looks pretty and it's really moisturizing! :wlae:
  6. i like the jergens one. i forgot what its called though.