Best Luggage

I'm ALL about pretty luggeage for chep! like from TJ Maxx or marshalls, even Last Call often has Tumi pretty inexpensive. If you travel a lot don't get anything too nice, the airlines are notorious for destroying all things pretty!
I used to only carry Tumi, but I just "discovered" Rimowa. Check them out on They're lightweight -- extremely lightweight. And, they have the best of the hard cases, but they also "adjust" like a soft case. Love them!
My husband loves my Coach roll-on, that he's commandeered it for every trip. It has pockets in all the right places, and a great pad for hiding your dirty clothes under. It's about 7 years old and goes on two dozen trips a year and still looks great.

We have a tumi also, and although rugged, I think it's unnattractive and doesn't have the pockets I require.

I absolutely adore our Victorinox Swiss Army which is a roll-on that is also wearable as a backpack. In addition, it has a tiny backpack that straps onto the main bag. It's absolutely the most practical, well-designed bag ever with zillions of well placed pockets, and I'd easily choose it as my only piece of luggage even though it's not as sleek as my leather Coach.