Best Luggage

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  1. Who makes the best luggage??? :lol:
  2. I like Goyard, but Tumi is really nice too. :smile:

    (I see too many ppl carrying around the LV Keepall. ~_~ )
  3. I'm ALL about pretty luggeage for chep! like from TJ Maxx or marshalls, even Last Call often has Tumi pretty inexpensive. If you travel a lot don't get anything too nice, the airlines are notorious for destroying all things pretty!
  4. i go well with delsey, designer stuff, i think it is ridiculous to go around with designer trunks.
    to me, they look hideous.
  5. It's just for fun! Who makes the best looking luggage!!!???
  6. I agree!
  7. For real use Victorinox Swiss Army, for just to look at and admire LV and Goyard
  8. ahhh ok
    well, i like the big hermes pieces :amuse:
  9. LoL, now were talking!!
  10. American Tourister. Cheap but sturdy. The way they throw that stuff around, I'm not spending big bucks on something going through Hartsfield!
  11. I go to an outlet for delsey throw and go. You don't take good luggage thru Newark and NY airports either.
  12. I used to only carry Tumi, but I just "discovered" Rimowa. Check them out on They're lightweight -- extremely lightweight. And, they have the best of the hard cases, but they also "adjust" like a soft case. Love them!
  13. Rimowa fan here. They're just perfect. And fabulous. I have two so far, a small IATA (carry on size) and a suitcase size.
  14. My husband loves my Coach roll-on, that he's commandeered it for every trip. It has pockets in all the right places, and a great pad for hiding your dirty clothes under. It's about 7 years old and goes on two dozen trips a year and still looks great.

    We have a tumi also, and although rugged, I think it's unnattractive and doesn't have the pockets I require.

    I absolutely adore our Victorinox Swiss Army which is a roll-on that is also wearable as a backpack. In addition, it has a tiny backpack that straps onto the main bag. It's absolutely the most practical, well-designed bag ever with zillions of well placed pockets, and I'd easily choose it as my only piece of luggage even though it's not as sleek as my leather Coach.
  15. I love my Prada luggage