Best Luggage Piece?

  1. I don't know why I've been thinking about buying a luggage piece so much lately, considering how seldom I travel, but with my trip coming up in 10 days, I kind of wished I was bringing a piece of LV carry-on luggage with me!

    There are a few that I like, and fit my price range of around $1000 (the Ribera GM is an exception), but which do you think is the best and WHY? (I'm not looking for any Pégase is out of the question)

    So far my fav is the Carryall...I love love love it, but I wish there wasn't vachetta because I'm not sure about putting a luggage piece with vachetta on the ground/floor/dirty overhead compartment...:s

    No, unfortunately I won't be buying this for next week...but it's something to think about while traveling!

    Damier Keepall 50 ($875)
    Ribera GM ($1,270)
    Greenwich PM ($1,120)
    Monogram Carryall ($1,050)

    Edit: I forgot to add a poll, and I can't now but I'm really only thinking of one of the above four options!
  2. I always wanted to own an LV trunk piece, something small to carry my makeup in when traveling. Sadly they cost more than the keepalls.
  3. I love the greenwich. I think it nice b/c its damier, no vachetta and its squared so itll fit nice in overhead bins and under seats.
  4. i think the Damier Keepall 50 would be a great and thank you for posting the pictures makes it a lot easier then having to try and picture it
  5. I hear good things about that monogram carry-all.

    I have the pegase60 and sac bosphore in monogram for air travel carry-on.

    And my damier azur should arrive soon for auto travel.

    I think we are all excited for you and your trip, travel safe!
  6. I looked at them this past weekend and I liked the carry all too.

  7. I love the Carryall i think it is beautiful, But i find it to small, So i would say that the keepall 50 is the best.
  8. I love the Carryall too, but it is too small for me as a luggage item. I use the Monogram Keepall 45, and it's perfect. So my vote is for the Damier 50 if you are worried about the Vachetta (I haven't had any problems with the vachetta btw, and I use my Keepall almost daily to uni!).
  9. The carryall is cute but too small. I would personally get the keepall.
  10. They're basically the same size.

    I have the Carryall and love it and it looks so wonderful and modern with my suitcases that I bring when traveling. I highly recommend it!
  11. i love the epi keepall. in black. uber hotness.
  12. GianFrancoFerre: I find the Carryall is larger in width but not in length. The lack of structure of the Keepall allows me to stuff it. Also, I like the fact that if I don't need it, I can just fold it flat in my suitcase.

    Kaye: I'll be getting the black epi keepall in a couple of weeks, can't wait - it is GORGEOUS!
  13. My fave out of those is the Damier Canvas Keepall 50.
  14. The carry-all is cute, but size wize, it doesnt look very spacious, compared to the Keepall 50.....Get the Carry-All, if its not too small for you
  15. Carryall or Keepall both good choices but get a keepall with a strap they get pretty heavy