Best-Looking Musician from the 80's

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  1. O.K, after reading the "Best Song from the 80's" thread and re-living the nostalgic high school years, I was wondering who you all thought was the best-looking musician/singer from the 80's.
    I see that quite a few of the forum members here are "80's children" (myself included) and what girl back then in highschool DIDN'T debate about: "who was better-looking? Simon LeBon or John Taylor?"

    I'll start first: David Sylvian was pretty good-looking. He's not the only one but he's one of several.
  2. John Bon Jovi
  3. ^^^ I agree!! I used to love him in jr high! That's was in the 90's but he was just as hot in the 80's.
  4. George Michael. I had such a crush on him. Father Figure was my song. :love:
  5. John Taylor!
  6. I definitely took part in the John Taylor-Simon LeBon debate! Ah...those were the days! :smile:

    David Sylvian...I LOVE him...I'm still a huge fan of his music.

    I was also a fan of Depeche Mode so we had a lot debating between Martin Gore & Dave Gahan.

    Boy, there are so many to chose from! :smile:

  7. Lol, I was waiting for someone to say George Michael! I remember quite a number of the girls back in my high school "fell in love" with him during his Wham! days when they saw him in that "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" video, lol! I personally didn't find him that "good-looking", but hey, thousands of women would disagree with me and beauty's in the eye of the beholder anyway, right? :biggrin:

    BTW, Careless Whisper was their best song!
  8. yes.

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  9. Jon Bon JOvi of course!! I've had a crush on him since I was 5 :love:
  10. David Essex,and the lead singer from the Bay City Rollers( I forgot his name) oh !!! Does Donny Osmond count ?
  11. John Taylor was my sister's fav. Mine was and still is Simon LeBon
  12. Donny Osmond? Err, that's stretching it just a wee bit (cause he's more 70's than 80's) but sure, o.k!

    ...but please don't say Sonny Bono...he's definitely confined to the 70's.

    David Essex...was he the guy in that film with Ringo Starr?
  13. No , David Essex was in Stardust,
    Ok, so I will go with George Michael to stay on the safe side !!! LOL

  14. There was a name for the billion-plus Duran Duran girls fans at the time - I think it was called "Duranies" or something (correct me if my memory fails me). Yes, those were the days! :smile:

    Martin Gore, I almost forgot about him! And don't forget Nick Rhodes.

    And as you are a Sylvian fan as well, I've attached a jpeg below. Enjoy!

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  15. billy idol and adam ant.
    i'm a sucker for guys that wear eyeliner :shame: