Best locking mechanisms on flap bags


Sep 11, 2009
The Garden State, US
Lately I've been very frustrated with the closing mechanisms on a number of my flap bags (first world problems, I know). Having to fuss around to get them securely closed all the time is becoming very annoying and grounds for losing a spot in my collection. This includes bags with simple magnetic snap closures but also the lock on my LV Pochette Metis -- if the bag is not fully stuffed the canvas has quite a bit of give so when I press on the lock, it just moves instead of snaping to lock. The lock I love is on my LV Vavin PM, it has a super strong magnet and makes quite the "clank" when it closes.

Does anyone have thoughts or recommendations for other bags with secure, fuss-free locking mechanisms? (I am of course aware of the good old zipper.)




Aug 24, 2019
The easiest is the turn lock but the magnetic closure from the Gucci Marmont looks pretty easy to open and close.
i don’t have it but i I’ve never heard complains on the closure of that bag.
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Jan 18, 2009
Turnlocks and (strong) magnetic snaps have worked well as closures for me, on the bags with flaps that I've had.

For turnlocks, there's the Mulberry Alexa as well as various Coach bags (eg the Cassie is very similar to the Pochette Metis), in addition to the other bags/brands mentioned by other posters. Closing isn't usually too much of a fuss in terms of fitting the turnlock back through the hole either. (The hardware on the Alexa showed wear too easily for my liking, though, at least on my bag... Although hopefully they've improved it with the new version of the Alexa?)

Saint Laurent bags tend to come with quite strong magnetic closures that snap closed quite easily too, eg the Loulou, Niki, Puffer lines, although personally I find that opening them can sometimes be a two-handed operation (one hand lifting the flap, the other holding down the bag!)... But if the magnetic snap doesn't fully close, the strong magnet still keeps the flap in place even though the snap isn't fully aligned, and it's therefore easier to lift the flap one-handed to open the bag.

Oh, I've also had a pushlock-style closure before, on a Mulberry Polly bag -- it was a large and heavy pushlock, but still easy to open and easy to slot the pushlock back in place (especially due to its weight), but the downside was also the weight of that dang hardware! They discontinued this bag after only 1 season or so though, from what I recall, but this might be another type of closure to consider... (Though probably less common?)


Crazy bird lady
Mar 31, 2013
Turnlock or a postman's lock. I have a Kurt Geiger bag that has two magnets, one on either corner of the flap and it's never failed me so far, but if you want ease and reliability => Coach turnlock or M postman's lock. I name Coach&Mulberry specifically, since I have no real experience of Chanel turnlocks and the LV one (at least the one on the PM) seems to be a bit fussy, from what I've gathered. I own a M Antony (and I've had an Alexa), and 3 Coach turnlock bags. I'll take them over any other locking mechanism any day.


Jan 5, 2016
I’m curious if anyone has an organizer in the front pocket of the pochette Métis that solves the problem of it being hard to close when the front pocket is empty? Since the organizer fills out the pocket...


Nov 7, 2015
As crazy as I may sound, I am addicted to the Chloe Faye / Tess day bag lock. It’s a magnetic closure with a pull-down and release system. Super troublesome to open and close, but it gives me great satisfaction playing with the lock.
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Mar 26, 2015
My preference is easy turnlock like Coach and Chanel. I also find the Mulberry postman lock similar. The LV Clapton line has a really nice lock, too.