Best Liquid Eyeliner

  1. I'm looking to buy a liquid eyeliner. I've used Revlon before and didn't like it because it didn't dry very fast, so it was smudgey. My friend recommended Dior, has any of you used it? Or is there another brand that you'd recommend? ;)
  2. Lancome artliner
  3. I have never found a better eyeliner than Almay in my whole life. It has the most thin and precise brush tip... I always try other eyeliners because I like other brands a lot, but Almay's liquid eyeliner is always the best IMO.
  4. I've tried quite a lot of liquid eyeliners, but so far the best in my book is Shiseido!
  5. Lancome artliner is really good if you prefer the pen style
    MAC i found good as a basic liner
    my fave is YSL it has the thinnest brush so you can get a really thin line or build up to a's also fantastic for the flicks at the outer corner of your eye!

  6. I use Nars' liquid eyeliner, but have also liked maybelline's.
  7. I like Chanel's.
  8. I'm with Pewter - Almay has the best liquid liner ever!
  9. i use mac and rimmel
  10. Laura Mercier. Get the flat eyeliner brush too. It's so easy to put on. First, you wet the brush, dab on some of the eyeliner (it's in cake form) onto the brush and then dab it on your eyes! Get the SA to show you. It's easier for them to show you than for me to describe it!
  11. I love MAC liquid eyeliners (especially the fluidlines). The colours are amazing and they stay on forever!
    For black, my favorite is Divinora by Guerlain :heart:
  12. MAC and Maybelline have always worked great for me :smile:
  13. I love Trish McEnvoy (Gotta love the finish line!) and Lancome Art Liner.
  14. Hi there,

    Can you advise me which Shiseido liquid eye liner to use? (style/type?)
    I used the 'skinny dip' before but they've discontinued it.
  15. So true! Maybelline has this precision pen that's so hard to find now. I wore it all of the time in high school. It's in a blue and gold container. It's like flawlessly drawing on your line.