Best Leather/Which Bag?

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  1. I'm just pondering (yes...I ponder occasionally)...what opinions are on the best leather for each bag is?

    For instance, I adore Kelly's in Croc, but I'm not partial to Birkins in croc.

    So for me, best leather/bag combo's are:

    Kelly: croc, lizard, toile combo, box.

    Birkins: togo, chevre, toile combo, barenia.

    Bolides: Lizard, chevre.

    Plume: Lizard, croc.

    Massai: Clemence, swift

    Evelyne: Togo, Clemence, Swift, toile combo.

    Himalaya: ostrich/croc/toile combo.

    Must think about this some more, but I just think some bags lend themselves to some leathers better than others. What are your choices?
  2. JPG Kelly - lizard :yes:
  3. Following your list GF, I like these...

    Kelly: box, croc, toile combo

    Birkins: togo, toile combo, croc.

    Bolides: chevre.

    Plume: box

    Lindy: swift
  4. LOL, you had to include the Himalaya!! :roflmfao:
    I actually agree with you on your choices Grands Fonds, but I would add:

    Jige Elan: croc, toile and leather combo
    Kelly Longue: box, toile and leather combo
    Lindy: swift
    JPG Kelly clutch: swift
  5. GF, I like Evergrain on the JPG Kelly for it's softness.

    Clemence on Kelly and Birkin 'cause the belts are soft and easy to work with. I love to hold and play with the Kelly and Birkins and run my hands over these bags when they are in clemence.

    I love Swift in any style 'cause it's so tactle:P and would look and feel fabulous on a Bolide....why not in gold with white topstitch??
  6. thinking about what I already have, I'd say:

    KELLY: Box, Clemence, Croc
    BIRKIN: Box, Togo, Clemence
    TRIM: Combo, Barenia
    PLUME: Box
    BOLIDE: Chamonix

    BUT then I'd add:

    KELLY: Chevre
    BIRKIN: Chevre, Vache Liegee
    PLUME: Chamonix
    BOLIDE: Chevre
  7. Ohhh, I haven't ever seen a Bolide in Swift....I think that sounds yummy, S!

    I agree with the clutch choices....I love the little clutches in exotics and box...and I LOVE the toile combo Kelly Longue!!
  8. AH! Yep D...How could I forget Plume in Chamonix!!!!!!

    And the TRIM in toile combo - the ALL-TIME classic!!

  9. :nuts: Wow I've never seen this GF - do you have a pic?
  10. somewhere.......let me have a look....
  11. I prefer stiffer bags, so....

    Birkin--fjord, chevre

    Bolide-fjord, chevre, ostrich

    Kelly-- box, croc

    Accessories-togo, chevre, fjord
  12. was this what you were looking for? (didn't mean to steal your thunder, GF!)

  13. O..... M..... G.....


    Thank you Amkur :flowers:(and GF too for looking:flowers:).

    I "need" one of these :rolleyes:
  14. ^^I know!!! me too! You're welcome ;)
  15. Steal away!! Isn't that SUCH a fab clutch??????????

    ohh, and I forgot all about fjord....I love fjord....