Best Leather to get for an Orange 35cm Birkin?

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  1. Hi all, Looking to pay a premium for orange 35 cm birkin, but wanted to see what type of leather you all would choose in terms of saturation of color and which one may show dirt more easily? it would be with gold hardware as I hv. opted out of SH. Any advice?...
  2. I have 30 orange Birkin in swift. It takes color really well! I have enjoyed mine!
  3. Swift in orange is beautiful- I have a BeBop in this, but Swift can be a little delicate in the corners on larger bags... I tried on an orange Kelly in Togo at FSH last month and it really popped in terms of colour, so that might be another alternative for you to consider if you want something more hardwearing. :smile:
  4. Togo is a good way to go.. a little bit more durable..
  5. chevre mysore is really really pretty with that extra sheen to the leather~

    hope you find that special orange birkin soon!! Good Luck!
  6. love chevre .. how about chevre de coromandel .. tillie46 has just r'cvd this in a kelly from her daughter and has a thread ..
    check it out .. leather/color combo is gorgy! .. HTH

  7. have it in togo love it
  8. Orange does not come in CDC, which makes me very sad. Tillie's CDC is potiron, pumpkin.

    I vote for togo or mysore.
  9. I have orange in swift & togo, I think in a 35 I would pick clemence.
  10. A vote for clemence here. However weight may be a consideration in a 35. I love smoochy orange though. Very durable too.

  11. I second that!!:yahoo:
  12. #12 Feb 10, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2010
    although not a fan of swift for a birkin in size 35 - must say that swift takes any colour absolutely beautifully and swift in orange is just WOW. I'd choose it in a birkin size 30 or a kelly.
    HTH :smile:
  13. Donmi your orange right there is severe torture, how fierce!:nuts:
  14. clemence

    smooshy, orangey goodness
  15. swift or togo . love orange in those two non exotic skins the most. swift if you can manage the skin and are comfy with it or togo to be a bit more carefree. not that swift is very high maintenance it just depends on what you prefer and of course what bag size swift can(not must) be quite smooshy in a 35 cm