Best (leather) Teacher Tote?

  1. I'm looking for a tote to hold files. I'm in no rush - just student teaching now and can handle all my stuff in a big binder but when I get my own classes I'll need to shuffle along a file per class (Spanish teacher - never get our own rooms :cursing:) which can be quite a load when each file contains 30+ test papers and assignments. Suggestions? I'd like it preferably to be all leather and of good quality so that it'd last a while - a nice, thick - strong leather. Open to suggestions of all kinds :yes:

    Thanks loves :heart:
  2. I have a coach briefcase that I've had for years. It has a shoulder strap and handle. It fits quite a lot and has "aged" nicely. At the time 8 years ago I got it for a little over 300, I have no idea how much they cost now.
  3. [​IMG]
    I use this Coach men's: Style # 70011
    You can add a pretty scarf or charms to femme it up.
    The closest thing they currently carry is style # 5369 which looks almost identical but maybe a little shorter.
  4. I would like to know too! Keep the comments coming!
    However one problem I had with thick strong leather is that it is damn heavy - it is already heavy without stuff - and then with all the papers and such it is even heavier....
    I have been using a Lesportsac tote for a while and it has held up nicely.... but a leather one is also ideal
  5. I would go with a Balenciaga work or weekender. I use a city for teaching, but my department is 99% paper free. I like my Bals because they are strong but light-weight -- the stuff I carry is heavy enough!
  6. Coach Book Tote definitely.
  7. Coach Gigi or Legacy Slim Tote. They are beautiful and the leather on them is virtually indestructible.
  8. Definitely check out the Cole-Haan Aerin Convertible tote. I've worn my one day and rec'd several compliments already.
  9. It isn't a tote - but how do you like the Gaza Satchel - the taupe should be on sale with free shipping with free shipping for $240. Here are some real life shots of it care of GUNG.

    I think that it is a great bag for a teacher - really good quality - will hold stacks of files (with internal organization) and loads of outside pockets for pens etc.

    Plus its super cool.
  10. I have a city and Bbag leather is toooootally not durable enough to endure what I'd put it through. And I have a good and strong 05'er - but I know my bags limits. The bag'd get trashed.

    If not leather, any other suggestions?
  11. Wow this looks AWESOME!!! :tup: It doesn't look *that* big though... in the first model pic it does - but if you click the other colors it looks like it's way smaller :confused1:
  12. Where can I see this online?

    Editted - is this it?


    Hmm... dunno
  13. Ask GUNG about it... she used it for school for a while. I am sure it would be fine for you to PM her.

    I have just seen this from Active Endeavors . - 17 ½” x 12 ½” high - canvas with leather bits & pretty lining. Based on previous experience - I am pretty sure that it is going to be super quality.
    If you are interested - there is some talk in the deals and steals forum about codes (25% off) that work with it - although the site says that you can't use discounts with sale goods...
  14. Also - if the Gaza works out to be the right size - but you don't want to go for the leather just yet - they do have a canvas version for $112 (although I admit it is one that I would have to sit tight and hope the design choices work out in the flesh...)
  15. What about a Furla bag?


    At Yoox for $138

    They have green for $128


    And if you like brown they have it for $194.