Best Leather for White?


Which Leather looks best in WHITE?

  1. Swift

  2. Clemence

  3. Epsom

  4. Others

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  1. I am planning my next order... :yahoo:

    LOVE to buy a white 35cm Birkin... but stressing on which leather suits best in white... please give me some suggestion!

    I was viewing the leather availability thread (GREAT resource to plan your next baby, thanks ladies for your contributions!), and the blanc available in Swift, Clemence, or Epsom. Which leather is the lightest, hard to discolour, easy to clean, and the white-est?

    Many thanks :rolleyes:
  2. The swift would probably not be as rugged as the other ones so if you're not the anally careful type, I'd go with Clemence.

    Epsom is nice for resistance but the hand is so awful... (to me)

    Just my two cent ;)
  3. while i LOVE white in swift, i think white epsom is a bit hardier. i love epsom in white, it's so clean :smile:
  4. Swift. Definetly. And it also shows a nice pure white whthout the "shadows" that peddled leathers show.
    But white is beautiful in any leather after all.
  5. I would love to own a white birkin as well.. but too many issues.. cant handle the pressure!!:s
  6. IMO, swift looks the best but will not for the long haul...epsom will stay white longer but its hand is not as appealing to me.

  7. YES, I AGREE! :yes:

    The main reason stopping me to buy a white bag all the time... it gets dirty so easily & will turn yellow overtimes... that's why I am looking for a suitable leather which is easy to clean... :sweatdrop:

    But I keep asking myself all the time... will I clean the bag once in a while to keep it white???

    Anyone owns a white H bag? Any top tips to care for this colour? :confused1: :confused1: :confused1:
  8. This is a tough one...I would probably choose clemence. Clemence in white is truly lovely. For some reason I think a structured bag would look great in white, but I would shy away from these leathers that would give you the structure in white. My vote is for clemence.
  9. I have a panda keychain and it's in white epsom. I use it as my keychain - so my car key and my house key. It is used heavily and still white without dirt. So I am sold on white epsom BUT it's a small item compared to a Birkin 35. So I would not know how well that white epsom will hold up :flowers:
  10. princessfrog.. thats great to hear, white birkin has been on my list for the longest time but cant make myself to actually get it!!
  11. While i love the look of clemence in any color, I have been told by an SA that white in epsom is the smartest choice because it is the most durable.
  12. birkin, i would do epsom. bolide, i would do clemence mou style.
  13. Swift ! Really, a nice clean bright white.
  14. Clemence seems to me to be the ideal bet, but then I saw one in Epsom at a party this very afternoon and the owner told me she immediately knew Epsom was 'the' leather for white. Meanwhile, I simply swooned at her bag and admired her ability to own a white Birkin and interact at a London party without permanent anxiety, hysteria and guilt . . . What a woman!