Best Leather for Rouge VIF?

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  1. What leather does Rouge VIF look best in for a Birkin? I have bags in Chevre, Togo, and Fjord so I'm curious to see what other leather recommendations would be. I know Clemence is softer than Togo, but is it durable and does the bag still hold its shape well or does it sag easily?
  2. chevre or togo ! do not like the shade that much on clemence
  3. I think Rouge Vif looks best on Togo, Chevre and Ostrich :love: :love: :love:
  4. o yay stupid me ostrich is fab too or croc (but in croc it is not bright red it is more a dark blood red with raspberry undertones in niloticus nd dark dark dark red on porosus but still a it lighter than rouge h in croc witch is burgundy))
  5. I agree and too bad it has been discontinued :crybaby:
  6. I love Rouge Vif on box leather!
  7. Chevre is my favorite for Rouge Vif - and, of course, croc!
  8. My favorite leathers for Rouge Vif are both goatskins but it is REALLY vibrant in Fjord, too!
  9. I have a bearn in Rouge Vif Box leather and it is beautiful.
  10. Thanks for all the input ladies; now I just have to wait patiently for one to come up in either the Togo or Chevre--a Croc will have to wait for a few more years. Glad to see that you're okay Lilach!
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