Best Leather for Rouge H Birkin?

  1. In my heart of hearts I suspect it's Box, but for the work-casual-weekend-workhorse I want this bag to me I don't know that Box is the best choice....Any thoughts
  2. probably know what I'm about to say.......

    But first, a question. Is this or will this be your only birkin?
  3. B-O-X!!!, :yahoo: :p :heart: :love:

    or matte croc!:nuts:
  4. I like rouge H in Clemence because of the vibrancy in the colour. And I think it'll be a great weekend kind of bag.

    But I am not one who will buy another Clemence bag because of its slouchiness. I like my bags rigid.

    Here's a Rouge Box Calf to tempt you LOL :p
  5. How about chevre? I love rouge H chevre!
  6. my jpg shoulder birkin is in rouge H clemence and the color is just bright and vibrant! (see my signature below)
  7. BLM, I have fallen inlove with Shopmoms Box! D, I want it! Now! :shame: No but really, I know how box looks and it doesn't look to dressy. I love Box!
  8. Hmmmm .... looks like you can't escape the Box Calf enthusiasts!:p I would choose Box Calf over any other leather right now ....
  9. I would say box! (Very biased here.)
  10. LOL, Bagg!!!! I'll bring this baby to NYC in April for fondling......LOL!!!!!

    Ok....this might blow everyone's mind BUT.......I think if you want a work-horse, casual, I-just-don't want-to-worry-about-being-careful-with-it bag then you might want to consider Rouge H in Togo or Clemence. This would make a beautiful colored/almost indestructible every day bag.

    ....and this is from someone who LOVES Box calf!!!!.......
  11. From what you're saying, I think Clemence is the way to go. I have that exact bag, and it is not only beautiful and easy to dress up or down, I don't feel like I have to "baby" it like I do my Kelly (which is Box). I basically use it for everything.

    There is a bit of downside in terms of it not being as structured as Box or some other leathers. But, for a klutz like me, I like the fact that it is virtually indestructable and still looks great.

    Hope this helps!
  12. I agree, chevre, box or chamonix....(chevre is my personal fave)


    At my store, there is THE most DIVINE rouge H Plume with Gold h/w in FJORD!!!! It is THE most beautiful combination!!!!!!!!! God, I would SHAG the Assistant Manager for that bag.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Actually, I would shag him for nothing, but I digress.......

    Box is the classic, chevre is light and hardy. Yum either way!
  13. Chevre, Clemence, Fjord, or Box!
  14. If it's a 30cm I'd pick Clemence (might slouch too much in a 35cm)--Rouge H is so beautiful in Clemence. Then I'd pick Rouge H in Chevre or Fjord-a bit darker in Chevre but still lovely nonetheless.
  15. I have rouge H in clemence (see my avatar) and love it.