Best Leather for Retourne Kelly?

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  1. What is the best choice of leather for a 32 Retourne Kelly? I read through the leather thread in the Reference section and think that I might like clemence (assuming I can get blue jean in this color) but I worry it might be too "slouchy" of a leather for a retourne bag. If you don't like clemence what other leather would you suggest? I know I don't want togo.
  2. Do you want a casual look or a dressy look?
  3. Also, is blue jean the color you are after for sure because that will limit some leather choices.
  4. i have a 32cm BJ clemence retourne kelly and it's quite slouchy. it's roomy & great for everyday though, esp with jeans!
  5. In some respects, clemence and togo are pretty similar, so I'm curious to know what you actually dislike about togo. That might help with your decision-making process.
  6. I have 32 retourne in Togo and in Box, and I find that the Box one is harder to close than the Togo one. It's also harder to close than my 28 Box retourne and my 32 sellier. I think it's because I don't have enough stuff to fill the 32 retourne and the extra space up top makes it harder to press the flap down far enough. So now I only use it if I am carrying around more than usual, like a little book, etc.
  7. If you're after a casual and easier-to-get-into Kelly, I think Clemence is perfect for a retourne - the color in Blue Jean is rich and saturated and it will slouch "just" enough.
  8. I want to wear it with more casual outfits ... jeans, etc. I also have decided on blue jean. It was between blue jean and black but I this may be the only Kelly I am able to get and I thought a nice pop of color would be good and that I could wear blue jean all year long. Blue jean is such a pretty color. I've also decided that I definitely want the 32 after reading the reference threads and looking at the pictures. I am only 5'1 but I don't think it will be too big on me. I wish I could try one on in person but the closest store to me is a couple of hours away and each time I have been there they have not had a Kelly I could try on. However, my SA there is going to place an order for me.
  9. I have not seen them in person but I have seen the color swatches and pictures online and I thought clemence had a smaller, finer grain? Is that right? I do want a durable leather (like togo) but it seems most of the tPF posts I read say togo can be heavy.

    I like the look of a smaller grain better and I don't want the bag to be too heavy.
  10. I did read that in the leather guide in the refernece section - that colors do come out nice and saturated in clemence ... and blue jean is so pretty!

  11. I do worry a little about my choice of size (32) but since I can't try it on in person I have to go with my gut instinct which tells me that 28 would be too small.
  12. PBC - I guess I want the bag to go with my casual outfits but dress them up, KWIM? So I don't want it too look too slouchy. I guess I should clarify; I like soft; I just don't want the bag to seem like it's falling down and not holding it's shape. I've seen some of your pictures with your BJ Kelly. The retourne in clemence leather does not look that slouchy in some of the tPF action shots I've seen - but I don't know if lots of use will make them more slouchy and I plan on using this a lot! :yes: I could do another leather but I do want durable and I do think from what I've read that togo may be too heavy. Anybody have another leather suggestion for me?
  13. I like togo for retourne in new purchases. I don't know if it is heavier than clemence because I don't have that leather in Kelly or Birkin. If you are looking at vintage bags, courchevel is lovely in retourne. I could also suggest swift, but if you are afraid of soft, this may not be for you.

  14. You know I just went back to the leather thread. I realize that it says that togo is actually more of a finer grain. I've liked the looks of the clemence ones I've seen on tPF though. I guess my main objection is that it may be heavy.

    Swift sounds good too though ... I'll have to see if it is possible to get blue jean in that ... I'm going back to the reference section; I think I saw a thread about what colors are available in what leather .....
  15. What about evergrain? I am not sure if it comes in blue jean. I find that evergrain works quite well, the leather has a a nice sheen and feel plus I find it lighter in weight compared to clemence. I wear mine to both to work and work and on off days.