Best leather for a workhorse Birkin?

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  1. What does everyone here think is the best leather for a workhorse Birkin? I know that each bag should fit the owner's personal needs etc, but I am asking a more global question to the ladies that have multiple Birkins . . . which do you find yourself carrying the most and not worrying about? Which weight is best compromise of lightness and usability? Scratch "resistance"? Size? Durability? Slouchiness or slouchlessness?

    This includes even buying pre-owned, like a well patina'd Vache Natural or Box; or a discontinued leather like Ardennes . . ..

    Vache Liegee?
    Croc? (:graucho: - Sorry I had to add it!)
    And the many more I've left off . . ..
  2. Barenia! A true workhorse leather, though I hear it's heavier than other leathers.
  3. Togo is a perfect workhorse for me!
  4. technically - any types of leather. if you like it, then use it. ;)
    practically - togo or fjord
  5. Togo!
  6. If you want lighter wt and a bag that will get better with age plus can be spa-ed easily to look awesome again) I say Box Calf is the way to go...(in black,dark brown,rouge H,vert forest,indigo)
  7. Togo and Clemence!
  8. Vache Liegee - sturdy, essentially waterproof, relatively lightweight, structured, beautiful.
  9. Togo or Chevre
  10. i totally agree:tup:
  11. Clemence is great!!!
  12. I like Ardenne, it's light and keeps the shape great!!! Very low maintenance leather.
  13. Ardennes, VL, fjord, togo and clemence works the best for me. I'd love add barenia, but it doesn't take rain too well..
  14. Togo, for sure. It's lighter than fjord, more structured than clemence. I have a 40 cm black togo Birkin with GHW. Used it daily for 3 years and off and on since then. The abuse that poor bag went through......

    And still it looks good as new. :biggrin:
  15. From my experience, it's ostrich. It's lightweight, it will never slouch except for batwings at the sides, it can get drizzled on and won't be destroyed, and there is no need for leather polish nor waterproofing (which I do not encourage for H bags).

    The downside of ostrich is discolouration over a period of time. To avoid that > BLACK OSTRICH :amuse: