Best leather for a TMA????

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  1. WOW....I have been smitten with the BEs....I don't even have one that I am totally in love with yet and I am already planning for my next one.

    So....those of you that have a TMA...what is the best leather for it??? I am loving the idea of a big slouchy bag that will carry everything plus my kitchen sink and I am thinking that a matte leather would be best for this type of bag....BUT...I want something in the red/wine/purple the thought of aubergine sheen and the wine pebbled (prada type) glossy leather are both calling to me....

    Can someone help me out please????

    Since I am the worst at making a decision, I am also being pulled by a fun summer color for a great carry-all....yellow perhaps??? Orange???? Any suggestions???
  2. I wonder how this bag would look in a crash leather like chocolate crash? :thinking: Does anyone have one on a crash leather? I've just seen it in matte leather like gray and it looked nice!
  3. OMG....don't even let me consider sounds freakin' gorgeous!!!!!! Does anyone even own a TMA in any of the crash leathers??? I don't think I have seen pix of one!
  4. I think TLloveshim has a "Mottled Silver" TMA, which is the closest one I've seen to a metallic.

    I think the TMA looks best in either a matte leather or sheen/ my Light Grey sheen..

    I personally feel the pebbled glossy although gorgeous, would be too "heavy" for this style. But that's just my opinion.
  5. I fell in love with the dark matte leathers for this, chocolate, dark gray (which I have now). It would be cool to see more examples of this is an array of leathers!! I know I saw a pic of red around here, and it was very tempting!!!
  6. Chica I remember I had asked Jackie this question quite a ways back, when the crash leathers first came out and before I got my Tan TMA, and she thought it would be a little much on the TMA due to it's size...this is what I remember anyways.

  7. I love it best in the matte leathers! My mottled silver is on her way to a new mommy only because I've ordered a TMA in tan but I thought the silver was beautiful! I like the rustic, mellow look that tan gives it so decided on that leather instead. Another leather choice that I think is gorgeous is matte chocolate.
  8. i ordered matte taupe grey. i also think this bag looked fabulous in light grey glossy. i think glossy or matte leathers
  9. Vixn, I've got one of these in a White Matte colour and have one on order in Aubergine Sheen.

    I agree with Contessa, I don't think the pebbled glossy leathers would work well on these because it would be too heavy. My white one is already heavy enough as it is.

    I actually reckon crash would work in this style and help reduce the weight of the bag a bit. Why didn't I think of this? It would give the bag a but of boho glam and glitz but that's just my humble opinion!
  10. i think the TMA (along with Love Me) is my favorite style.

    I think it looks amazing in the matte leathers (particularly (for me) the old tan, dark grey and black) and the sheens; I have one I adore in Petrol. I've never seen one in red, although I contemplated a Wine (sheen) TMA and everyone here talked me out of it in favor of a Wine Love Me, which is also gorgeous.

    I also suspect the pebbled glossy might LOOK too heavy (as opposed to actually feeling too heavy) in the TMA, but easily could be wrong.

    The only metallic or sheen leather I've seen have seen the silverish ones (tlloveshim's and one on AFF.) I wouldn't have thought that it would work in metallic but it seems to. I've never seen one in a crash and I've done MUCH investigating of this style (and I collect pics.) I love posting pics so let me post some of my faves: (L to R: silver, stone grey (?), petrol, choco matte, light grey.)

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  11. I cannot forget this one either (yum yum:smile:

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  12. The TMA is so adorable! The tan TMA reminds me of a Ralph Lauren ad - so classic!!

    Morebags - I agree, the crash leather would give it a boho glam look! I love Jackie's crash leathers but I believe she is all of of plum and choco crash. I'm not sure of the availability of the black or pewter crash.
  13. Jenny....thanks so much for posting those pix.....I gotta say, the silver calls to me. The chocolate is also gorgeous!!!

    Morebags.....hold on, let me steady myself. I am getting lightheaded thinking about your aubergine TMA. I can't wait to see those pix!!!
  14. I cannot wait to see the TMA in aubergine! I honestly think it will be stunning!
  15. In general I like matte and glossy (sheen) leathers for the TMA. I'm biased toward tan because that's what I have. I also think petrol is an amazing choice for the TMA. In terms of new leathers, I'm thinking chocolate sheen might work really well. I think aubergine could be great too.