Best leather for a raisin Birkin--chime in!!!


Jul 4, 2008
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For my next birkin SO, I am thinking about something in the deep red or raisin family...and I am leaning toward raisin! I prefer the look of the color when it is at its deepest, and I have been told that this would mean togo or clemence. I have one clemence bag and I have to say I do like it for travel--it is tough, looks like it did on day one, and has the flexibility and durability for overheads...

But I like smooth leathers as well, and must admit box is pretty. Chamonix has also been suggested to me, though I do not know if this will be available in raisin.

So (especially you owners of raisin out there!)--chime in! What leather would you want??


Apr 6, 2007
although I don't own one, I've seen a raisin birkin in clemence when I was riding the Metro. The woman was beside me and I was stealing glances at her birkin because it looked so luxurious and soft.

so my vote goes to clemence. I hope Pepper chimes in because her raisin box birkin is just adorable (and waterproofed).

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Oct 7, 2006
I find Raisin in Boxcalf to have too much blue which I personally do not like (much as I love Box leather). My favourite Raisin is actually in Epsom. A deep intense purple. Here's how it looks (pic credit : Roxane).


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Aug 31, 2007
I think Raisin Box is in the top three of the most beautiful leather/color combos Hermes has ever made and it looks especially stunning in a Birkin. It brings out the richness of the Raisin - reminds me of a very ripe, fat, juicy grape.

I have a Raisin Clemence Evelyne and the color is a very deep dark eggplant - people have actually mistaken it for brown under dim lighting on many occasions.

It just depends on your taste, I suppose. Good Luck!
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Oct 12, 2006
If you like the color at its deepest I would go with Togo. It is as dark as a color can be. I imagine that Clemence would also be very dark but I have not seen this combo IRL but I bet it would be yummy!! I'm not sure if you have seen my thread where I have lots of pics of raisin in various leathers. Maybe this will help:

I have raisin in box and it is not dark at all. It does change in the light and can look moderately dark in certain light conditions, but it behaves very differently from raisin in Togo. It's almost like they are not even the same color.


Oct 12, 2006
I think it's a very personal decision, as raisin varies slightly between leathers. I like raisin in all the leathers (even epsom!). While my personal preference would be box if I had to choose a single raisin leather, it sounds like you are looking for dark, in which case I agree with Kallie Girl and would go with togo. I think clemence is a little bit more eggplanty (dark bluish-purple) while togo has the tiniest hint of a dark brownish cast to it (minimal! it's not brown and does not read brown--). It is definitely purple but can be mistaken for dark brown if the light is dim. This is the bag I get more compliments on than any other.


Sep 1, 2006
Hello, Perigord.....below is a Raisin togo Birkin with her Ebene togo sister.....pic taken with a flash....

Here she is with what I feel is a darker more accurate rendering of this color in togo.....