Best leather conditioner/protectant on Chanel bags??

  1. I have heard many opinions on shining monkey, appleguard, meltonian, etc... So many choices for leather protectors! Ladies, what do you think is the best for:

    Reissue leather (distressed lambskin)?
    Lambskin leather (non distressed)?
    Calfskin leather (vintage ligne, cambon)?
    How bout patent? I know it is lower maintenance than the leathers above, but do you put anything to maintain the gloss so the plastic sheen doesn't dull over time?

    I baby my Chanel bags to death and I want to make them last longer than my desire for a new bag. Hehe.

  2. Absolutanne, I wondered this myself. I'm going to purchase the apple leather protector because it says it's wax-free and silicon-free and won't seal the pores of the leather. I used a lambskin lanolin oil on my camel lambskin flap once, and it turned it dark and all I learned is not to put any oil or waxed based products on lambskin because it will get absorbed.
  3. Great thread. I'm also interested in finding out what everyone uses to protect their Chanel bags. I've heard good things about Apple Products.
  4. Also has anyone ever put anything on their fabric bags to keep them from spotting? My avatar bag is a light color fabric novelty print bag and I am afraid to use it often because I don't want it to get ruined. Any thoughts?
  5. Does caviar need treatment/protection?
  6. I just purchased my Chanel. It's coming.. I wanna know how to maintain it too... TIA.
  7. I think Vectra can be used on fabric bags, shoes, etc. I have not treated my Chanel bags but I use Apple Guard spray on Balenciaga & Spys. You spray it lightly and let it dry then again a light spray... works beautifully on the bags I've treated, making them spill & water protected. I should try it on my Chanels but I've just been chicken. Vectra goes on drier so that might be a better choice. I've heard it works better protecting white than Apple Guard.
  8. Even though I don't think Caviar needs any protectant, I have used the Vectra spray on my black jumbo flap without any issues.
  9. Where do they sell Vectra?

  10. Thanks for the info on Vectra. Do you girls use the vectra spray on caviar? i just bought a beige caviar flap and want to keep it clean.

    BTW, Purseonality just had some green color transfer onto her white caviar flap (from another thread) she says she sprayed her bag with meltonian spray beforehand and had to take it to the shoe repair place to lift the stain off. She recommends scotchgarding it incase something like that happens. Had she not sprayed it w/ meltonian, the green color transfer from her shirt would've stayed there!!!!! White caviar isjust as bad as patent whites! beware!

    Designer307, you can buy Vectra online. Just google "vectra spray"
  11. I read somewhere in the forum that the Apple leather product leaves the bag feeling greasy...??? Has anyone had that experience? I'm leaning more towards the Vectra spray because of that.
  12. ^^ Figures why I read that alot of ppl in the LV forum uses Appleguard, since LV bags are coated canvas not leather and the vachetta leather is quite thick and hard, so it CAN handle the greasiness of Apple. Thanks lovelyxmelody.

  13. Thanks Pinkie ;) ...I'll give it a try first in an unnoticeable area to see if it discolors..
  14. On Balenciaga & Fendi leather there is a slight greasy film until it dries throughly & on LV it does leave a film on the vinyl but it wipes right off with a cloth.
  15. you are very wecome lov2shop...;)