Best Leather - Before & After

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  1. I will soon enjoy the luxury of purchasing my first BBag. The great news is that I have a business trip to NYC that coincides with my finally having my money saved up to make the purchase. So, since I will be doing this in person, what qualities should I look for in the brand new leather that will help me end up with a bag that breaks in to look/feel chewy, thick, luxurious?
    Will a less shiney finish lead to a thicker, dryer and more chewy broken in bag? Or can a shiney bag still end up like a soft leather pillow?
    Thanks in advance for your thoughts. Lerinda
  2. Bbag leathers are such a personal preference. Just check them out for yourself and see what feels best to you. I love a thicker silky distressed leather, while others prefer smoother non distressed bags. I love shine too and others hate it. Anyway, whatever the bag feels like now will be similar to the broken in result, only broken in will be softer. Watch out for dry leather, thats a general rule of thumb.
  3. How do you know if it's dry, or just veiny and distressed?
  4. I've been thinking how to describe what 'dry' leather feels like too! How about this:

    Most of us get dry hands from time to time, we know how it feels when we touch the back of a dry hand, papery, perhaps a little rough, as your fingers stroke your hand the skin drags a little.
    We also know how smooth skin feels, your fingers glide over the surface without resistance, the surface is in no way crispy.

    I have a bag with dry patches and smooth patches (bizarrely!) and I came up with that analogy when stroking it - but maybe it wouldn't work unless you sometimes get dry hands!

    Hope it helps x
  5. How to condition dry spots?
  6. Thank you Kymara, that explains it a bit. i have veiny bags but they feel soft, so i guess thats OK.