Best Kept Shopping Secret in Vancouver - Maybe in Canada

  1. After seeing the way they portray it on the show, I don't think I'd be shopping there.
  2. I didn't get a chance to watch the show, although I did hear that the owner was on it. What was the controversy about? :/
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    Basically, there seems to be some ambiguity as to whether the owner is in fact selling second-hand items and presenting them as brand new. I think in RHOV they kept pointing out that the Hermes stock couldn't be brand new, since they only sell in their own stores, Jody seems to think that vintage and second-hand are not the same thing. This kind of spiraled into people speculating if all her stock was authentic as a result :weird: Personally, I rarely go to west van so I haven't been able to confirm anything. We need to send someone to investigate haha!

    I just remembered, also she apparently charged a $2K merchant fee on top of the total to another of the RHOVs, not going to go into it, but if I remember correctly, there is an RHOV thread somewhere on here where they've discussed everything. Not sure how much of this is all spun for the show though, so something to consider.

  4. Oh wow! Well I'm no professional authenticator, but I thought everything looked pretty real. Someone should definitely go investigate though!
  5. Wow I was gonna go check it out sometimes this weekend.
    Is it still safe to go ?
  6. Well, we don't really know how much of the way it was portrayed on the show was just hammed up to get viewers and create drama, but I mean earlier in the season on the show, they did show her going to actual showrooms and buying things for her store (e.g. J Brand) IMO I'd be livid if someone portrayed my business in such a negative way on tv, even if it is just reality television. BTW anybody else find it hilarious how Jody kept serving cease and desist papers to the other RHOVs? especially in the reunion episode :rolleyes:

    May as well take a peek and tell us what you think? lol
  7. We need some serious intel on this one!
  8. I would never shop there - Jody admitted to charging a $2000 Amex merchant fee back to a customer (Reiko) on the show - SHADY!!!
  9. I went to check out the store. The store look exact like those pix on that blog. They carries a bit of everything, I even see some Belanciaga clutch. Mostly Gucci shoes. Cloths not much sizes though. I find it weird most of the stuff don't come with a price tag, u have to asked for the price if ur interested.
    As for authentic I think the stuff looks very real, I'm not good at telling if is real or fake. Their regular prices are not that cheap unless is a sale item.
    Sorry not much help cause I'm not so good these thing.
  10. I just read the comments. Quite entertaining! Sounds as fake as RHWs.
  11. After what I've seen & read about the owners, there's no way I'd give these people my $ (or credit card #!!) Rude & dishonest!! I wouldn't be surprised if they were mixing fakes into the inventory as well.
  12. You also have Naked and Famous jeans, which I can't get in the UK!

    Lucky Canadians!!!
  13. This is what I understood happened:

    Reiko's husband was a loyal customer of Jody's catering business. So, before the season of Real Housewives of Vancouver, Jody sold her a new wardrobe for the show at 50% off, or at cost, as a favour. Because The Glass House didn't take AMEX, Jody got charged X amount merchant fee, and then charged Reiko that amount, as it was coming out of Jody's pocket, and she was already not making any money (or very little) on the sale.

    I don't really think it is shady at all. It wasn't a typical transaction, and I doubt this is what would happen to a regular walk in customer