Best Kept Beauty Secrets

  1. Puritan's Pride Vit E oil 30,000 IU's. I put this over my face moisturizer in PM, whatever it might be from La Mer to Olay, and my face glows in the morning. I've used other's in the past buy none worked like this does. Love it.
  2. Isnt that mad thick? Does it absorb? Ive used like half that iu and it pulls off my hair as i am smearing it on (v little)...scared me!
  3. Organic honey mask for 15 minutes followed by avocado oil or shea butter....heavenly :smile:
  4. Sunglasses! Haha seriously, I have no wrinkles around my eyes at all because a soon as Im out the street, I put sunglasses on
  5. A mix of honey and yoghurt as face mask - I find that the yoghurt prevents the mask from being too sticky and it washes off easier. The combination makes my skin feel very smooth afterwards
  6. Emu oil!
  7. interesting
  8. Sorry just saw this. I don't know if it's the brand or what but I only use a little and it absorbs really well. I do sleep with my hair back.
  9. Ive been mixing epsom salt with my skin cleanser and my acne is GONE! Amazing!
  10. Thanks for the tips, I've struggle with vitamin E and its thickness too, That and Castor oil in my hair - just seems like the efforts of getting the castor oil out or the vitamin e oil feeling on my face wasn't workin for me.
    I love to read post like this that shows other people having good luck - it gives me hope. Thanks
  11. What brand and where do you buy it?
  12. History of whoo wild ginseng oil... at night... its wonderful
  13. Face:

    Baking Soda and water paste for a 10 min exfoliating mask. Skin is bright and baby soft afterwards. I don't have acne, but it helps for that too since it's anti-bacterial.


    I use my kitchen frappe mixer to blend olive oil, coconut oil and reconstructive or deep conditioner and put it in dry hair for an hour with a plastic cap and hot towel from the dryer. Afterwards I wash and condition my hair as normal and it is super soft.
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    Baking soda as dry shampoo. I've heard this is better than baby powder. Dust it on at night, brush it out in the morning and voila! Lovely hair! I'm on week 2 of going no 'poo and my hair is baby soft, luscious and tangle free!

    I've heard unsweetened cocoa works best for dark hair but I've never tried that.
  15. How do you go no poo like I've read a little about it but I have dark hair, what would I do?