Best Kelly for a Birkin Girl...

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  1. Love my 35 cm birkin...did not find the kelly to be a good fit...until...I tried on a 35 in was gorgeous and a perfect was in rose shocking/fushia (did not ask for color specifics as it would not have mattered...I could not do this color)... I think it was retourne/supple as it was a bit soft looking...

    In your expert opinions...what leathers look best in the 35? What would you not do in a 35 kelly?
  2. SoCal...that is so personal...first of all...

    What color or colors are you thinking about?
    Do you want a slouchy bag?

    I hope style101 reads this thread because she has a lot of smarts when it comes to 35 Kellys. I have asked her questions about them before. Need advice or a question answered she is all brains on this one!
  3. SoCal, the only 35 Kelly I have tried on was potiron Chevre. It was really, really nice!
  4. I like black box for the 35cm Kelly, souple
  5. I've seen the pics of the rouge h and a brown and they're great! What colors to you wear?
  6. I think box would be perfect.. i think for 35cm it shouldn't be slouchy.
  7. I second the rouge h and brown. Those are what i have in a 35 chevre. They go with anything, pretty much.
  8. I think I would do the 35 cm in black box.
  9. Thanks for your suggestions! Let's see...this time of year I wear denim, black stiletto boots (have multiple pair in black and chocolate), a black v-neck sweater with a white t and some type of jacket (lightweight...CA winter)... I am quite classic, basic with clothes and tend to like dark, rich colors...
  10. I saw rouge h and havanne chevre wallets in London...loved the colors in chevre (but don't like rouge h as much in togo for some reason...for me, that is) is also a strong possibility...unsure of "best" leather in black for a 35, but box seems to be most recommended here... Is box recommended even for relatively low maintenance (in terms of handbag care) gals?
  11. I think a black kelly would be great to match what you wear. If you get one with gold h/w then you can wear it with browns too.
  12. Rouge H or clack box or chevre would be gorgeous!! I also recommend retourne/souple abouve sellier for the 35cm because it will more closely resemble the shape and feel of the Birkin. Also, it will look slightly smaller and won't have the corners that get bumped easily!
  13. SoCal - I will convert you into a 35 Kelly Girl if it's the last thing I do! You will never abandon your love for your 35 Birkin - you don't have to - they are such different bags and open up a whole new world, I promise......

    Knowing your style, I'm guessing that you didn't immediately warm to the Kellys previously because you'd only tried on the smaller ones which, while absolutely lovely, give the bag a more ladylike, dainty vibe. The 35's put a new spin on the bag and IMO, give it a tiny bit of an edge. (Don't get me wrong, it's not THAT much of an edge - LOL - but it's enough to step it up a notch.)

    I know you're tall - I'm only 5'0 and small - and I still love the 35's, both sellier and retourne. On you obviously, they won't look nearly as oversized as they do on me, but I don't think you'll ever regret adding one to your collection for variety.

    I'm having a little trouble with color suggestions for you though, since you're a more neutral girl. (I'm all about color and my 35's are all somewhat bright.) But maybe a semi-neutral like Brique Vache Liegee, Noisette, Rouge H - maybe even Gold Togo. The 35's are somewhat harder to come by than 32's, but they're out there occasionally. Vache Liegee's are more likely to appear in sellier (I'm willing to bet that the Fuschia one you tried on in Madrid was retourne - they usually are), and you might like this size even better - selliers "appear" even larger. Togos, Clemence, Swift......these are more likely to show up in retourne - Chevre, Box show up in both. Ask your SA to call you if they get a 35 sellier in - you can try it on for size and then concentrate on what color and leather you want.
  14. Great advice......may I add that Noisette in Swift would be devine! Just a gorgeous neutral. Or black Chamonix or Box with Ruthenium for just a dash of "edge"......stunning!!!!
  15. Style...I am hoping to do a bit of "research" this afternoon (and next weekend in LV)...thanks for your suggestions!

    Yes, I think black or warm medium-dark neutral would work best... You are so right about the style...the smaller kelly bags were so wrong on and for me...I am just not a "lady"...I prefer the slightly funky/interesting casual classic look...and am medium-large the 35 was an incredible "aha" experience in terms of fit with this style...

    I will keep "open-minded" in terms of sellier/retourne until I have an opportunity to try the sellier...but I did like that retourne in Madrid...preference might depend on the leather, hmmm???

    I am so happy to hear I can remain a birkin girl as well!