Best Jaune Bag: First, RH City or GSH City?


JAUNE - First, Regular City or Giant Silver City?

  1. First

  2. RH City

  3. GSH City

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Which bag do you girls think I should get OR do you plan to get?

    Would love your opinions! :heart:
  2. i was actually thinking about getting the work..
  3. i think the first would be great! but the city is looking wonderful too! it's hard to decide! :nogood:
  4. Is this a color that a regular, not on the list girl like myself might be able to get my hands on?
  5. I think the City RH. Yummmmy!!
  6. Forgot to say: voted for the RH City.
  7. B/c I don't have a First in my collection anymore - I voted for the First ;):tup: !

    What are you planning to get yourself 'M' spiral..... ?
  8. I think it would look good in anything with RH!!! THe color is perfect! I personally am on the list for the RH city, first and twiggy....and I was told that your best bet of getting one is putting your name on more lists so put your name on for all of them
  9. ICB showed a picture of Juane with SGH, not sure which style. It was too die for- that gets my vote!!!!!! YUMMY!!!!
  10. I'm down for a First and I'm damn excited!
  11. possibly a city or a twiggy....
  12. A first or a twiggy
  13. Some pics to help w/ visualization:

  14. [​IMG]

    Chloe Concord's Bag


  15. In Jaune I would go for a First !!!
    or ...maybe a Day...