Best Invention

  1. So far, what technology invented during your lifetime has improved your life the most?
  2. By far and away, the internet.
  3. Internet and cell phones :yes:
  4. the internet
  5. uh, condoms. LOL just kidding.
  6. internet
  7. cellphones & internet
  8. Definetly the internet.
  9. I have to agree internet and cell phones. Remember the first cellphones. They were HUGE. [​IMG]
  10. Seriously, - the straightening Iron.:lol: Most life - altering for me.
  11. internet was the first thing that immediately came to mind.
  12. air conditioning!!
  13. Hair conditioner, The Internet, and Cell Phones. :smile:
  14. Ok I forgot about that one.. AC for sure! :lol:
  15. Yeah, I guess I have to backtrack because I didn't read the post completely...the question was during your lifetime vs. of all time! Sorry about that. A/C was discovered in the 19th century but not implemented until the 1920s or so - good link
    Air conditioning - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I'll re-post with the personal computer as the best invention and biggest impact on me, invented within my lifetime.