Best interior organization?

  1. I love how easy and convenient it is to use Hayden-Harnett's purses for everyday use. I tried a Marc Jacobs bag and noticed how much more inconvenient it was. It drove me nuts! Which brand has great interior organization? I want to look good and not lose my mind in the process! Thanks.
  2. I gave up on relying on pockets a while back. One of the ladies on TPF told me about the Chameleon which I love. There's also a few different styles, the Pursekey, Joey Jr., Bagmate. If you do a google search they'll all come up for you. Just add in "purse organizer." You can also search this forum for any of those companies. There's a lot of information about them on the boards here. Good luck. :smile:
  3. So are you looking for a bag with lots of pockets? I think Botkier's Trigger or Trigger Turbo is one of the best bags for organization because it has credit card slots, keychains, cell phone pockets, and lots of compartments.

    Cole Haan also puts a lot of organizations pockets in his bags.
  4. I have this bag, and it's pretty good compartment-wise. My complaint is that somehow my stuff migrates around so that it bulges out (away from the torso) and isn't as slim as I'd like.
  5. This is my current obsession with handbags. I've been limiting all my handbag purchases to ones that have compartments and accessory pockets. My favorites are:
    • Botkier
    • Apres Midi de Chien (my favorite of the bunch for a lightweight handbag with great organizational pockets and compartments)
    • custom messenger bags from (you can buy stuff from her off of etsy too)
    • Jack Spade bags
    • Bottega Veneta old-style ball bag
    • some Cole Haan
    • many Sigrid Olsen tend to have accessory pockets
    I just bought an HH Mercer triple compartment, and I'm sad that I missed out on the luxe Gaza.
  6. ami kio, great to see you mentioning seabreezestudio - I bought a messenger from her several months ago. It's lovely and well-made.
  7. A Marc Jacobs multipocket (large or regular) offer great organizational opportunities with the 4 pushlock pockets on the outside. Keys, phone, lipstick, etc. can each go in an outside pocket that opens and closes very easily. The MJ Daria also is good for keeping things organized because there's not a lot of room for contents to shift, yet it holds a LOT!
  8. Thanks ladies! Keep 'em comin'!
  9. Yay, another fan! :tup: I bought 3 messenger bags from her. They're not fancy, but if you buy a custom bag, you can specify the size/location/number of pockets. There are pockets on every side of my bag, inside and out. :p Pocket-wise, they're my favorite bags. :love:
  10. The Kooba Sydney has 8 Outer pockets and a big interior. If you have alot of little stuff; keys, cell phone, gum, change, could be good for you. Although since the pockets are on both sides of the bag and they look identical, it can give you a good game of "Find your keys". LOL

  11. I find that any bag is easier to keep organized when you use makeup bags and small purse accessories. I can throw my wallet, cell, makeup bag, agenda, and pencil holder (and maybe a water bottle) into a bag and be set for the day! I do like a cell phone pocket, but other than that I can do without most pockets.
  12. I like a wide open space in the middle with a large zipped pocket on one side of the lining and smaller, open accessory pockets on the other. A pocket on the outside is nice too, but I don't like bags with separate sections inside. The separaters (usually zippered) take up too much interior space all by themselves.

    Most of my Coach bags have great organization. My LV bags have little, if any.
  13. I had that problem with a couple of bags, so now I hang a charm off one end as an orientation marker. Right now my charm is a sprinkles donut from one of those Japanese random chance boxes.
  14. I do that exact same thing with my Kooba Jessie that has 4 identical pockets. It solves the problems.

    Java Jessie.JPG