Best inserts for walking in high heels?

  1. In order to wear my 4 inch+ heels out, I'm wondering which I should try:

    1. Dr. Scholl's gel inserts for the balls of your feet
    2. Foot petals
    3. Other?

    Which do you like best and why?

  2. I use Scholl's inserts for the ball of the foot and I find they really help. They don't completely negate the soreness you get from using high heels but the cushioning is pleasant and delays the soreness, in my experience. I've found myself feeling thankful at the end of some nights out that I wore them.

    I've no experience with the other items, sorry!
  3. I've tried Dr. Scholl.They aren't bad actually but do not perform miracles...
  4. I watch the Today Show months ago, and they are talking bout this new insert .. Insolia ... suppose to be better than any other brands on the market ...

    This thread remind me to look for it :p
  5. I use the Airplus gel ball-of-foot cushions and fint they work really well. I don't wear heels much but with these, I can even go clubbing in stilettos with no problems.
  6. the main prob i have w/the dr scholls ball of feet cushions is that they seem to make the front of my feet feel squished up to the top, since they're of some thickness themselves. in most shoes it prob doesn't make a difference but in many pumps and peep-toes that tend to have these high heels, the thickness of the cushion at the very front tends to make a difference for me, in that it makes a tight squeeze even tighter, negating its positive effects. could be just my feet.
  7. Yes, definately Dr. Scholls gell insert for the balls of the feet. They are fantastic!!
  8. I think it depends on what your issue is?
    I have some inserts that go on the front( for the ball of your foot) they work well so your foot doesnt slid. but I also have ones that all full inserts. So i think it all depends on what your issue is with the shoe.

    I'm going to try these in my close toed shoes...

    but if you're looking for something for an open toe you can also get the full inserts and just cut them to size.
  9. yeah inserts help a lot
  10. I have Insolia inserts in a few of my shoes and they do help! They don't provide cushioning, but they keep your toes from smashing down into the toe of the shoe and causing pain. They really do work. I've also had the problem with the Dr. Scholl's taking away some of the room for my toes, but Insolia inserts are great!
  11. Foot petals help some, but I don't know how they compare to Dr. Scholl's. I think Dr. S. might be thicker and therefore too thick for most of my shoes.
  12. I use dr. scholl's ladies foot insole for cushioning the balls of your feet and heel. It's very discreet and it can go in any shoe. It doesn't work miracles but it does help. The minute I took them off, I instantly felt the pain in my heels.
  13. Same I stopped using them, since they are quite thick for comfort.
  14. I've only tried Dr.Scholl's and I found they were pretty good.
  15. I have these Dr. Scholls ......they are ok but DO NOT use the sticker part on an expensive pair of shoes. Its VERY VERY hard to get them off!!! I put them on a pair of my Coach work shoes & the sticker part stayed on my shoe & wont come off!!! It left the entire sticker glued to my shoe. I can still use the insert, but it wont stick anymore.