Best inexpensive straightening iron?

  1. I need a new straightening iron but don't feel like spending a lot of money on one. I prefer 1-1.5 inch plates and my hair is fine and prone to split ends, so I need one that won't absolutely fry my hair. Can anyone recommend one in the $50ish range?
  2. Do you have a Sally's Beauty Supply near you? I would take a look at the irons they sell. They have lots of irons in all price ranges. Best advise I can give is to make sure whatever you choose is ceramic, heats up to 450 degrees & that you apply a silicone serum or styling cream before using an iron.
  3. i had this solia, its a bit out of your price range but it's the BEST flat iron i've had. i changed to a sedu and don't like it nearly as much. if you really want to stay in the $50 range, i'd check out sally's or browse around folica and read the reviews. (sorry if i'm no help!)
  4. I have the paul mitchelle smooth 1inch iron & adore it!
  5. got a great ceramic from jc penny salon for 49.99! its called PRO TOUCH GOLD...good luck with your search!
  6. I had a conair ceramic flatiron for awhile before I switched to using a large barrel curling iron. It was great but for my thick wavy hair there was no way any flatiron could get it pin straight so I resorted to smoothing with a large round brush and turning ends under with the curling iron. Works great!
  7. I have a ceramic one I bought at Target or Wal-Mart or someplace like that. I don't recall what it cost but I'm sure it was cheap. I think it works great.
  8. I currently have a Revlon ceramic straightening iron that was about $25. It worked great at first, but now after about 6 months, I have it on the highest heat setting and it still doesn't seem to get hot enough. And I just noticed that the ceramic coating if flaking off the metal plates - frying on uncoated metal plates can't be too good for my hair :push:. I guess you do get what you pay for....

    But anyway, I saw this Remington iron with teflon coated woven-fiber looking plates for about $50 - looked interesting but I don't know....

    Maybe I should just invest in a Chi or another good brand instead of getting a cheapie one every 6 months....thoughts?
  9. Buy the beat one you can. Someone already mentioned ceramic and those are best. Flat irons are harsh on hair, ceramics are a little more gentle. Try Sally's or if you know someone with a professional license (stylist, LMT, etc.) try a professional supply store, they have really nice stuff! Good luck!
  10. I swear by Chi and GHD. But if you're looking for something less pricey, my friend has used Conair and Revlon's ceramic irons and they've worked just fine for her. Keep in mind though, if your hair is too curly or too thick (like mine), those irons will not help you much.