Best Incentive? Free Shipping or ... ???


Which discount would draw you to a store more?

  1. Free Shipping

  2. 10% off total order

  3. 20% off orders over $25

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. again. I'm putting together a coupon as part of a group of Indie Designers and I always struggle with what kind of incentive or discount to give.

    What motivates you more?

    Free Shipping? (no order limit)
    10% off total order? (not counting tax or shipping) No order limit
    20% off? (orders $25 or more)

    I know I love discounts and my guess would be that free shipping or 20% off would be the two best. What do you think? Last time I did 10% off and only got one order. :confused1:
  2. I like free shipping, especially if I already don't have to worry about tax. Since you are in Washington state, do non-Washington residents have to worry? How about offering free shipping or 10% off. Let the person pick the code?

    PS. The earrings are lovely!
  3. I like free shipping and 20% off orders over $25. 10% Isn't enough of an incentive for me.
  4. 20% discount!
  5. ditto on 10% not being much of an incentive. I like free shipping usually the best.
  6. My vote is for 20% discount. Free shipping is ok too. I think I'll save more with the discount and that's a great incentive to buy more.

  7. Until the government forces me to collect taxes from out of state folks I'm only charging tax to Washington people - and even then, only because I absolutely have to...I hate doing it.

    Hmmm...lettinig people pick their incentive...interesting idea. I think I could make that work. Great idea!!! :smile:
  8. Probably free shipping for me, especially if it's upgraded to 2nd day or something like that.

    10% off doesn't do anything for me and 20% off is nice if it's a pricey item, but I still like the free shipping the best.
  9. free shipping, hands down. if i had say, 10% discount, and i needed to return the item, then i would've paid all that money for shipping for no reason and i can't get it back. usually if there are codes for 10% off or free shipping, i'd choose free shipping, just so there are no penalties in case i change my mind. if there was also an option for 20% off, then i might take some time to consier which one to use; i'd probably choose the 20% off but buy fewer items that i'm positive i will want to keep.
  10. my biggest two gripes about internet shopping are shipping and waiting for shipment. i HATE paying to wait! on the flipside though, i've been known to order something i otherwise wouldn't have bought simply because of a free shipping promotion (or to qualify for one). discounts usually don't do anything for me personally....i'd rather pay the extra money at a b&m store to have it in hand.
  11. I voted for free shipping but 20% off comes close. I hate paying for shipping and tax for that matter!
  12., I think Free Shipping is just barely winning. So do you want to help me decide on a coupon? lol I'm so pathetic when it comes to deciding something like this. And husband is rarely any help.

    I have two final versions...thoughts???

    Coupon #1

    Coupon #2

    I like them both! But I noticed in the last round that the one I made didn't really stand out so was a lighter background like the first one here. It was still pretty but the people who had darker backgrounds (black, red, pink) tended to stand out more. So I'm leaning toward #2.

    Thoughts?????? :smile: Thank you!
  13. JMHO. I actually like the first one better but I see how the ligher color blends into the background. Do you think you can offer either (free shipping or 20% off). Maybe a blurb about having the consumer make the choice of which deal is better for them. Is the expiration date 12/31/07? As a consumer I think it's great but there is something about running out to grab something because I know the deal will not be there for long.

    You are very talented!
  14. Thanks, gloss! I like the lighter one too and it's similar to the one I made for the first round of coupons. Unfortunately it really doesn't stand out.

    And unfortunately I don't have a choice in the expiration date. Basically, there is a wonderful woman who coordinates these coupons from a whole bunch of artists. All of the participating artists get a whole bunch of 'sets' of the coupons and send them out along with orders. It's a great way to get exposure to people who order from other artists. I love participating! :smile:
  15. I like the look of the first one also..the background draws me in more, I think. :yes: