Best in the SF Bay Area?

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  1. I'll be visiting the SF Bay Area soon & I'd like to go to the "best" one or two (or ??) Coach outlets there. Any suggestions? I'll be in the San Jose area. Also, which stores have signature?
  2. Gilroy is great, although they don't have signature. I hear that Petaluma has sig though! (I think, if I remember right...).
  3. I have down a little research on this and everyone is telling me to visit Petaluma. They are the only ones 9even though that may have changed)that carries Signature. I will be there the week of the 4th of July so I am really hoping to find some great deals.
  4. Gilroy has signature sometimes. I went last week and I saw people eating them up lol The other time I went they didn't have any. It depends on timing.
  5. I think I read somewhere here on TPF that Vacaville has or will have signature in the future? Is that right?

    Nothing else in the area?
  6. Vacaville is a little longer driver than Petaluma or Gilroy, but still within the same area of the world. Burberry is directly across from Coach if you get bored there (as if that could possible???)
  7. I'll be in SF early August but without a car. Does anyone know if BART goes to or close to any of the outlets?
  8. I believe you can take the public transit system to Petaluma. The concierge at our hotel (Argonaut Hotel on Fisherman's Wharf) offered to make arrangements for me to go there, but I backed out at the thought of venturing out there by myself. It's a 45 minute ride, from what I understand.
  9. BART doesn't go to any of the outlets. You could rent a car. For the person who will be in San Jose, Gilroy is the closest outlet. Vacaville would be the next closest, I think. Petaluma always has signature items. I was there last weekend and they are loaded with them! I was told Vacaville is being tested as a possible Signature store. I'm headed out there shortly. Last time they had a small amount of signature that is normally only out signature outlets. I can let you know if they've gotten more.
  10. Thanks Robin and Seedvila. I'll be with some other gfs so we might try to get to Petaluma.
  11. BART won't get you there, but CAL TRAIN will. You can go to both Gilroy and Petaluma and hit up Union Square in between.
  12. ^^THANKS!! We'll be staying right downtown in SF so I'll start researching the schedules.
  13. I was at the Gilroy store this past weekend and again today and they had Signature.
  14. Hi upswife! Yes, please let me know if it's worth the trip!
  15. Thanks for all of the info everyone! I was trying to avoid spending my entire time driving between outlets, but...I'm sure that's what I will end up doing! Maybe I'll check into the train thing, considering the cost of gas!!!