Best-in-class handbags

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  1. In this thread, I hope everyone can share what their favorite handbags are for each occasion...

    I've only recently become a handbag enthusiast but the bug's bit me hard. My wallet's already quaking in fear.

    So I'm thinking of rounding all the bases (so to speak) and have a bag for each type of occasion. I'm curious to see what the seasoned TPFers believe to be the 2 best bags (a splurge and one at a more reasonable price-point) in each category. Please also say a few words about your style or handbag preferences.

    Work / professional:
    Casual / every day:

    Style Preferences:

    I'll go first:
    Work / professional: YSL Muse 2 / Mulberry Bayswater-black printed
    Casual / every day: LV Sofia Coppola in Jasper (burgundy) / Mulberry Alexa-oak
    Hands-free: Chanel M/L flap or Celine Classic Box Medium / something from Marc Jacob
    Wallet: Lady Dior Wallet with Chain / Kate Spade Wallet on Chain
    Clutch: Valentino Bird Clutch / any fun jewel-toned clutch
    Style Preferences: I'm attracted to classic pieces that will never look dated. I love simple, chic, and laid back pieces...

    Look forward to seeing all your picks! Feel free to add any categories I may have overlooked! :biggrin:
  2. all of us are know that finally Spain won the World cup against Netherland in Johannesburg, South Africa. Its countries firt world cup and means alot to every citizen of the country. Proud players are dying to get back to there country with this trophy but there is something else they will be taking with them and its a special trophy case designed by Louise Vuitton.

    This trophy case is as beautiful as the trophy and its complete along with the white gloves for display of the trophy.
  3. Work / professional: YSL Muse (non-patent leather)/Mulberry Bayswater
    Casual / every day: Balenciaga City with Giant Hardware/LV speedy
    Hands-free: Chanel M/L flap/Fendi baguette
    Wallet: Chanel WOC/ LV zippy wallet
    Clutch: Balenciaga envelope/ Chanel timeless
  4. Work/professional: Marc Jacobs camille
    Casual / every day: MK little studded stam in black
    Hands-free: MJ kate in black
    Wallet: MJ marky
    Clutch: MJ pink stardust eugenie
    Style Preferences: Classic styles with unexpected details, like studs, padlocks or python embossing
  5. I don't know about any of my preference are the best in class, but they certainly are some of my favorites:smile:

    Work / professional: Fendi Peekaboo
    Casual / every day: RM MAM or BV Montaigne
    Hands-free: Louis Vuitton Montsouris MM or Lanvin Happy:smile:
    Wallet: Ferragamo Continental
    Clutch: Vintage Bally (no idea what the style name is)
    Style Preferences: Simple and classic, ribbons is about as decorative as I get when it comes to bags.
  6. Indygo: Chanel WOC is definitely something I'd love too.

    Chriseve: Have you seen the peekaboo with leopard lining? It's naughty and nice all in one bag. Absolutely beautiful.

    What are your favorites ladies? Keep them coming! :smile:
  7. Work / professional: Hermes 35 cm birkin - the perfect tote
    Casual / every day: Hermes Picotin
    Hands-free: Goyard St. Louis - holds everything
    Wallet: Anything "zippy" - love the style of most of the zippys
    Clutch: Not a clutch person but I wish I were - there are some really cute ones
    Style Preferences: Simple, classic - I don't like a lot of fussy stuff hanging everywhere

    and I am adding one
    Travel: Goyard St. Louis GM
  8. Work / professional: Coach Studded Sabrina
    Casual / every day: Coach Maggie in Saffron
    Hands-free: Coach Parker Hippie (Large)
    Wallet: Any Accordian Wallet
    Clutch: Gucci Britt in Red and Valentino (though I still do not have one)
    Style Preferences: I love detail and tons of hardware.
  9. Work / professional: Gucci striped tote, or LV Segur MM
    Casual / every day: Bottega Veneta cervo hobo, Balenciaga city
    Hands-free: Chanel flap (any size), LV NF, Balenciaga city
    Wallet: LV Groom zippy (any zippy style, holds everything and great for traveling)
    Clutch: Hermes Jige in orange clemence
    Style Preferences: i like classic designer pieces that have a pop of color. I love accessories and detail

    Also adding Travel to the list like *irishlass* - Burberry Nylon Tote