best iconic Chanel starter bag?

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  1. Hi all

    I have decided to add some Chanel to my YSL and Fendi and they are so beautiful it's hard to pick so I want the experts advice please!
    I am going to have a small collection (or I will be divorced my husband is getting very worried about my sudden TPF addiction :graucho:) so I need to pick carefully.

    I want it to be maybe a practical everyday bag but also ok to go out to important meetings / dinner with - I guess that limits the field a bit :shrugs:. I also have 2 kids (3 and 7 in age) so it can't be too precious / fragile.

    I also welcome guidance on colour / finish - I have a black patent YSL downtown, burgandy and sienna YSL nadja, a cognac Fendi Spy, vintage beige Prada, and a red patent Anya Hindmarsh evening bag :girlsigh:.

    I am ok with pre-loved or vintage.

    I look forward to opinions TPF is so great!:flowers:
  2. I would consider a medium classic flap in black.
  3. the iconic 1st starter IMO is the black classic flap with gold harware of course :P
  4. I agree!!!:tup:
  5. Me too. And I would add in caviar for durability, and my personal preference is silver hardware.
  6. Same. Although I guess your preference should depend on what kind of accessories you prefer. I've you've got kiddies, though, I'd definitely recommend the caviar.

    You may also want to have a look at the Jumbo. The med flap is obviously a more classic piece, but a lot of people seem to find the Jumbo more practical overall. My best advice would be to get yourself to your nearest Chanel boutique and try on both. :smile:

  7. I agree too!
  8. ITA! The classic flap is THE iconic Chanel bag. From there, you can pick your color, your hardware, and your leather to suit your taste and needs. Black is the most classic and easy to come by, but white also makes quite a statement. If you're going to wear it as an evening bag, the medium lambskin is gorgeous, but if it's going to see daily use and you want it to carry more than just a few things, I would definitely go with the caviar jumbo :love:. It looks a tad big to wear as a really formal bag, but it could still be pulled off. If you're not a huge fan of the flap, I'd go for a black caviar shopper- still wonderfully classic and a tad more practical.
  9. Like all the others have already said, I would definitely recommend the classic flap
    I personally prefer caviar leather (as opposed to lambskin) just because it's more durable and you don't have to baby it at all!!
    Mm...color...I would go for black or beige
    with silver hardware
  10. Although a black caviar medium or jumbo flap would make a great iconic starter bag, I doubt it if you'll find this practical since you mentioned you're having 2 kids. Opening and closing of the flap could be somewhat of a hassle.

    The GST would be much more practical; it has an open top, which makes it much easier for you to get in and out of the bag. I believe the GST would be acceptable for meetings; I'm not sure if it would be a great bag for dinners.
  11. I think the Jumbo Classic Flap in Caviar would be a great starter bag. That would be my first at least.
  12. Definitely a classic flap ... what epitomizes Chanel more than that! Based on what you already have, I do think the medium flap in black would make a great addition!
  13. I would recommend the jumbo classic flap or the GST. However, it is going to depending on your personal preference as to size and whether or not you prefer a flap or a tote. They're both great bags. You really can't go wrong with either choice.
  14. Classic flap, no doubt.
  15. Either the med classic flap or GST in caviar leather for most durability.
    Good luck!