Best hobo?

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  1. I love the Gucci Chain Horsebit, love the Large Coach Carly, love IF hobos...any opinions on which one is the best? I'm looking for a new love... Pics please if you have it!!:yes:
  2. I love the Hayden Harnett Gaza Luxe Hobo! Leather's amazing, has some outside pockets, and it holds a ton.
  3. I love the Gucci Chain Horsebit hobo. I'm planning on buying one as soon as I'm done with my purse ban!
  4. I also love the Gucci Chain Horsebit hobo. Trying to save up for that one.
  5. I vote for the Gucci!!!!
  6. BV has the best hobo-the classic veneta is awesome.
  7. I also love the Gucci. But recently I've discovered the Rebecca Minkoff Nikki and that's my current lust.
  8. Ooh, I like the Hayden Hartnett.... I now have some purse funds...$600 - what should I buy? Definitely not enough for the gucci chain, but better than nothing!!