Best hobo bag?

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  1. I'm constantly searching for *the* LV. I've bought and sold several bags and I currently only have a DE Speedy B 35. I've tried totes (Neverfull, Palermo) and they just haven't worked. So I'm thinking I need a hobo style. I can't go over $2,000 and trying them on in person isn't really an option because the nearest boutique is 5+ hours away.

    I've owned an old model Delightful MM and sold it - the strap drop was too long on me and it just looked like a sack of potatoes. I love, love the Artsy but I have a toddler and really need something I can wear on the shoulder. I'm short (5'2") but a bigger gal, so I tend to go for larger bags that can hold quite a bit.

    Opinions? Mod pics would be especially helpful! Thank you!
  2. What about the Noe? I've got a preloved Petit Noe. It's in excellent condition and was at a fantastic price. (Less then $400). I highly recommend this bag. 💕💕
  3. Have you seen the Duomo Hobo? It is extremely comfort and beautiful!
  4. If you like the DE print, what about the Duomo? There are some mod shots in another post. It has a zip closure and will be low maintenance. The Sully is also a great bag but in mono. The Berri has a beautiful slouch, but with the vachetta corners may be difficult with a toddler!
  5. Metis?
  6. Caissa hobo. I don't need a hobo in my lifestyle right know but I would by it in a heart beat.
  7. I love my petite Noe in Indigo, and the Duomo is really comfortable
  8. Have you seen the new Berri? It reminds me of the Artsy but with a zipper and more comfortable handle. I have a 5yr old and a 1yr old and carry all my things in it with no problem. Only thing to be mindful of is vachetta...but I don't stress over it. This is the PM size. I am 5ft tall.



  9. I am also looking for an everyday bag and this is nice!
  10. I love hobo bags ... My favorites are my bagatelles , duomo and the delightful mm ! I love the delightful and the bagatelles because they are larger , open , light and comfortable ! Comfort is always important to me ! The Duomo is very comfortable and has a zipper which is a plus in some situations:smile: it's a bit smaller than the delightful mm but seems bigger than the pm .. Kind of in the middle !! These are my top picks and I'm A hobo girl :smile:
  11. Caissa Hobo! For me it is the perfect Hobo Bag! I use it a lot and find it more comfy than the Delightful, because it stays better on my shoulder.
  12. The Delightful PM is still quite a generous size but has a shorter strap drop, so that's something to consider, as well as the Melie, Caissa, Duomo hobo, and the Berri.
  13. Thank you guys! How does the Caissa hobo compare in size to a delightful?

  14. It is kind of between the Delightful PM and MM. I'll post some mod shots.
  15. How about Reggia? I've been eyeballing that one, as I'm a shoulder bag gal too. I hear there were some known issues with that bag, though, so it scares me a little.