Best Hermes store Overall Inventory and SA's

  1. I think I just found out from another post that the Hermes store in houston doesn't carry much inventory. I have been trying to buy a few Hermes items here and there to form a relationship with an SA at the wrong store : ( Where do you think in general is the best store to get a loyal SA that isn't leaving and is willing to help an out of towner every few months? Which store seems to have the best inventory? I am leaning towards the Wall Street store..
  2. where are you from? or where do you live closest to i should say?
  3. Are you trying to build a walk-in or phone relationship? I discovered that one must live in a store's "area" in order to get a bag by phone. If you live in TX, then you could not call the Wall Street store for a bag, but you could just go there and buy one.
  4. ^^ What India said!
    There are incredibly nice SAs and great stock at Wall Street, but they can't and won't break the corporate policy about shipping "big" bags, ie: Kelly and Birkin, without a credit card imprint on file.
    King of Prussia (PA), though, is a "franchise" store and not quite as firmly restricted in the way they do things. I know of several people who have a phone-only relationship with them. They don't always get a ton of Birkins, but they get Kellys and they do get great other things, and they are sooo nice to deal with!

    But it sounds like you are in Texas, and you might be best off working on Houston a little more and making the trek to Dallas whenever possible. That's just my opinion!
  5. you are absolutely correct.
  6. If you are willing to travel... head to New York spend the morning at Madison and Wall Street, the afternoon shopping at all other fab stores in the area and see a show at night. Sounds like the perfect day:heart:... maybe I'll join you;)
  7. does the wall street hermes store carry a lot of Birkin's in stock?
  8. ^^You can't usually just walk in and buy one if that's what you mean.
  9. I think the Wall Street store gets a huge number of just about all the most-wanted bags, and one can just walk in and see them/buy them. No games here! I always get the feeling at the Madison Ave store that they most likely DO have something wonderful in the back and have no intention of showing it to me.
  10. ^^I've heard Madison Ave. was that way and I heard Wall Street was too, I think you have to form a relationship with the SA's at Wall Street before you'll get a Birkin. I could be wrong... HLFinn goes to Wall Street, and some others... chime in here?
  11. I could have bought a Birkin at Wall Street and I walked in with no previous relationship. I bought a Kelly instead as it was a better bag for me.
  12. I did just that this morning at Wall St. Walked in, saw the birkin, bought it!!!
  13. ^^Well let's see it, woman! :tup:
  14. ^^Right back at you, girlfriend!!
  15. what is it? 35 choco togo with gold