Best Hermès bag to decorate with Twilly(and other accessories, such as bag charms, et

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  1. In your opinion, what would be the ideal bag to decorate with Twillys and charms and other personalisation?
  2. Garden party 36
  3. I second this. Garden party is such a plain bag that when it's accessorized, it's even prettier!
  4. Next one would be the Double Sens. It looks good with larger charms.
  5. I love to doll up my victoria
  6. I am ok with Twillies for Kelly, bolide, birkin, garden party, victoria, plume.....
    except my Lindy. I reckon the design is interesting and unique enough without any twilly.

    Have fun picking your twillies. I love collecting them more than actually using any of them on my bags :winkiss:
  7. I love seeing decorated K's- it's a good way to make them look casual and young.
  8. This is interesting, I have always wrapped twillies on my lindy, and when I went to an hermes in Switzerland this past week, two SAs gasped and smiled at my lindy! And one of them approached me and said that she had never seen twillies on a lindy before, and was "magnifique", but I agree that lindy by itself looks lovely.
  9. I use Twilly on my Birkins but sometimes I want to really have fun and add charms and other stuff. The only problem is, if I'm not careful, the bag will look too busy(because of the extra hardware). Garden Party sounds like a lovely idea! And the other suggestions :smile:
  10. I have twillies on my barenia Birkin just to keep the handles from darkening more than the rest of the bag. Twillies on Kellys, especially Sellier, really do help to make them a bit more casual and fresh as someone stated earlier.

  11. Thanks for your input, AuthenticLux! I am actually looking to get a Barenia Birkin or Kelly, and definitely plan on wrapping Twillys on the handles!
  12. ita. found the lindy busy enough.
  13. If I'm not wearing a scarf around my neck, I tie a twilly in a bow onto my Picotins. I also like a twilly wound around the handle of my kelly to protect the handle and to give it a casual vibe.
  14. I have a Raisin Dalvy and I either a) wrap the twilly around the handle or b) tie it as a bow for a little decoration (this can get annoying).

    I actually think it will look quite cute with a charm but I don't own any charms yet.

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  15. Gah, a Raisin Dalvy !!! :cloud9: My all time FAV !!! jyyanks, take care of this beauty !!:heart: