Best Hello Kitty purses?

  1. I know I can't be the only one who loves Hello Kitty around here... but it seems like the only "adult" geared Hello Kitty items that I can find are ridiculously priced- and if not, they're too little-girly.

    I found a great tote at our local Hastings media store, but it's pricey for a pretty basic tote ($60) and while I'm willing to shell out that much, I don't want to grab something that I'm not %110 in love with just because it's the only thing available.

    So does anyone know of any good Hello Kitty stuff (purses, totes, clutches- anything) that's adorable and conversation-starting without looking like it's been lifted off of a six year old?
  2. The website has a great selection.
  3. I know that Rebecca Minkoff did some designs for Hello Kitty........something every 6-year old would be envious of!
  4. The only hello kitty bag I have and love is a tote that I got at Strawberry's for like $17 on sale. It is a black fabric tote with metallic pink straps and a hello kitty image on the bottom corner. I think if you just do a google search you should be able to find a lot of options. Good luck!
  5. Really?? Do you have pics?? I would LOVE to see that!:love: