Best heel height with pants??!!


Oct 8, 2007
I am having a lot of difficulty trying to decide what heel height to get next for pants. I want a classy new pair of black shoes but am afraid to go to high with pants and work. I was wondering what most of you preffered with pants. I wear nice pants and tops, cardigans, jackets and always get compliments on my kicks! However, my feet are now, gulp, 47 so comfort is more of a concern for extended periods than it use to be! Anyway, this is such a usefull tool havimg this forum, so why not ask!:idea:


Oct 7, 2006
...on the loose!
For me, I have a ton of heels, and I will wear anything from flats to 4 inch heels with pants - for me, it depends on the width of the hem and the length of the pants. I don't like it when my pants are at my ankles because of my high heels - looks like I'm waiting for a flood!

Also, with really wide leg pants, I tend to wear flatter shoes - don't know why, it just looks better to me