Best Heat Protection Spray?

  1. Hey all
    So I'm stoked about my new GHD flat iron. I want to use it every day :p I know my hair's not excited about the extra stress I'm going to put it through so what heat protectant can I buy to make it feel better? I tried the GHD's protectant but it left my hair feeling sticky, yeck :tdown:

    I can use my Phyto anti-frizz but I want to know what all of you recommend :yes:

  2. I Like Aquauge Thermal Booster/ Heat Protectant. It Smells S0o0o Clean And Has Stopped Any Hair Breakage My Chi Has Caused In The Past!
  3. Still addicted to Kiehl's Creme with Silk Groom, 15 years.
  4. Big Sexy has a straightening spray that works pretty well. I know you aren't going to be straightening your hair every day but you will be using heat to style it and that stuff is pretty much a thermal protectant, as you want. I also use this stuff called White Ran (I think), it comes in a purple bottle with a silver cap but it's more concetrated than the Big Sexy stuff so you can't use as much, otherwise it makes hair clump together.
  5. I use Farouk Biosilk Silk Therapy:

    I use this for blow-drying and heat styling. :biggrin:

    Old Bottle
    New Bottle

    Here's a description (it really does work!)

    ideal for all hair types
    leave in replenishing & reconstructing treatment
    bonds & strengthens the hair inside & outside
    fills any voids on cuticle layer
    repairs split ends
    protects (Heat, UV, cold, pollution)
    incredible shine
    no build up, no weight
    fantastic for skin care
  6. ooh i see that all the time, now i know its good stuff. thanks girl. but is the biosilk that target sells legit or do i need to buy straight from the salon? i read somewhere that salon brands sold at drugstores are junk, i.e., old, tampered with, etc. is this true? sorry to digress...

    anyway, what's the texture of biosilk like? is it sticky? because what i like most about phyto products is that i don't need to wash my hands afterward, the product is that light. now with the redken heat protectant i used to use, that stuff was waaaaaaay sticky. even after i washed my hands, i couldn't seem to get it entirely off. what more with washing it out of my hair...
  7. ^^^ It's legit. I even bought mine from Publix (our supermarket down here). Just make sure it has the pull tab seal on it. You also have to shake it up first before using. It has a slick feel, but they say you can even use it on your skin so that may be a plus. :shrugs: I just know that I can flip or crimp my hair and it doesn't lose it's style but it's not hard. And a little goes a long way. Hope that helps! :biggrin:
  8. I like Got2B's hair protectant spray. You can get it at a drugstore. I love the way it smells.
  9. So do you find you hair easier and easier to curl the more you use it? The GHD styler looks so cool with all the things it can do. But I have trouble with a curling iron so I was kind of worried....
  10. I love John Frieda Frizz Ease Wind Down Relaxing Cream. If you try it start with a dime size amount & apply more if needed.
  11. after practicing a few times, ok a lot of times lol, it gets easier :smile: the GHD is fantastic! i'm addicted. my hair's never looked/felt better. it really helps if you have someone give you a demo. the DVD tutorial looks deceivingly easy...

  12. Biosilk isn't sticky. Makes my hair really soft. I also have CHI heat protectant which I really like too.
  13. ooh thanks for the vote of confidence. now i have to find a good deal on it...

    does anyone use kerastase? i heard it works miracles...
  14. Right now I'm using Redken's Smooth Down heat glide. I use it when my hair is damp-dry and then finish my smoothing down with a large round bristle brush. Works fairly well but you need to make sure you don't goop too much on otherwise you'll have an oily mess. I've had to experiment quite a bit to get it just right.
  15. ^ i have that. kudos to you if you can get it to work well. i think it's good but i just hate the stickiness. even when i soap my hands, i still feel like i haven't completely washed it off =\