Best hardware for a RED city

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What hardware looks best on a red city?

  1. RH

  2. GSH

  3. GGH

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I am thinking my next Bbag will have to be red and I am thinking of Sang/Blood in the coming S/S10 (I like to plan ahead - can't afford poupre this season).

    What hardware do you think looks best on a red city bag?
  2. I voted for RH as I think certain colors like reds should just be left to stand alone. My second choice would be GSH.
  3. I'm a huge fan of RH on the reds; that being said, I have a coral with GSH that has an awesome, bold, rocker vibe!
  4. i voted for GSH since i think silver looks great against red. I have the 09 Sanguine City and when wear silver jewelry - make the red pop where as with Gold i feel that both vibrant colors are competing. This is coming from someone who adddoores GGH.
  5. I would say GSH! I think it will make the red more lively. =)
  6. The new s/s red looks alot like ruby. I think rh or sgh might be best. I think a dark red would look best with rh, imo. But then i have ggh and sgh in reds. ;)
  7. I was thinking of GSH because I have a RH raisin and thought I'd like to try a style without the tassles so I am interested that a few people have said RH. Of course I would like RH because it would be cheaper ;)

    Of course should I stay safe with an anthra or black? But to me the colours just excite me more. I guess you may sacrifice a little versatility for a bit ft of pop.

    Now I am thinking maybe rh sang and a gsh outremer - where did that come from :graucho::nuts:
  9. ^ What are you going to give me your poupre GSH? That'd be a BIG help! :P

    Only joking - can't wait to see it when it arrives. How far are they off?
  11. I feel for you - thats been a long wait!
  12. I am biased, but I think red with GSH is incredible ( I am in love with my Tomato GSH Work....)
    Having said that , I am also getting a RT Work, that is RH...
    Either one of those HW's would be my pick!
  13. For my personal use, I am looking for a red RH bag - But I must say, I have seen a couple of Ruby GGH items on bay lately.. and I almost swooned. It looked so good together. I would never personally be able to pull of the ruby GGH.. but I will admire it from a distance
  14. ^ Aaaaaah ruby is a great red. I am really surprised by the poll results because I really thought GGH would be where RH is!?!?!
  15. Generally Red with yellow undertones look better with GGH and blue undertones goes well with SGH. But of course sometimes contrast actually makes the bag POP! That said, Red with RH is a sure win combination! Its really tough :wacko: