Best hangers?!

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  1. I have wooden hangers in my closet and even if they look nice I wish they were slimmer. I am thinking of exchanging them for some other hangers but where I can I get really good hangers? What hangers do you use?
  2. Joy Mangano's huggable hangers from HSN. They are great. No slip,no hanger shoulder and they sell sets that include these little pieces that slip over the tops of the hangers where you can put more hangers on them (like tiers). So you have tons of room in the closet. Also pant clips to add to the hangers. I just :love::heart::cloud9: love them!!!
  3. I second the Joy Mangano huggable hangers. I don't have my whole closet done with them yet but they are wonderful for sweaters and stuff that gets shoulder bumps. They even have other brands now that are cheaper and work just as well. I've seen big bundles at TJ Maxx.
  4. if you can, check your local costco. Idk if its the same brand as the Joy Mangano ones, however, they were skinny black velvet covered hangers, 50 for $15!
  5. second this. they are also space this!! i don't have a costco close by so i got them at the container store...more expensive. costco has the best deal.
  6. Joy Mangano is the absolute best hangers for me :biggrin:
  7. Bed Bath and Beyond has velvet hangers that are stackable and have a place to hang scarves, ties, bets, etc. on them. Got 50 for around $26 (used their 20% off coupon).
  8. Love Costco ones as well, used the joy mangano hangers before I found the cheaper ones at costco!
  9. Huggable Hangers or the similar ones from Bed Bath Beyond!
  10. My entire closet is done with the hangers from Costco. Totally identical to the ones I had originally purchased by Joy Magano from Target. It saves so much space, everything looks neat and best of all, your shirts won't fall off. It doesn't leave little black residue on your clothes either. Good times all around! :smile:
  11. this is what I do.. buy hangers in bulk....
  12. Do they have any huggable hangers that work well for skirts and suits?
  13. Plastic.
  14. All I use are Huggable Hangers. If you order from HSN you get clips for your skirts and they work very good. You only get like ten though. I have had to order a couple sets of the clips.

    The only problem I have with them is that I have all brown but they are all different shades of brown, which really isn't a problem I just wish all the browns matched.
  15. Thanks for your recommendations! It seems as if the Huggable Hangers are really good but I am unsure of if I can find them where I live (I live in Europe).