Best handluggage for business trips


Carry on luggage for business trips

  1. LV Pegase 60

  2. Samsonite

  3. Longchamp

  4. Lancel

  5. Other (please specify!!)

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  1. Hi there!! I'd really appreciate your help & experience with hand luggage... I'm dying to buy a Pegase 60 but I'm worried about the durability and use of the LV. I want something stylish :girlsigh: because I'm kind of tired of the good ol' black Samsonite bag!!

    I'm wondering whether the LV will perform for business trips (averaged 2-3 a month...) of 1-2 days...

    Any advice / opinion / experience is very welcomed!!!!! :flowers:
  2. I travel with the same frequency and length as you do, and I'd be hard-pressed to fill up a Pegase 60 or even a 50, much less want to lug it about airports and car rental parks that often. If I'm driving somewhere, I can usually fit everything into my Speedy 40 and will just hang up my suits (in a garment cover) in the back seat; when traveling by plane I use a Tumi rolling garment bag.

    Have you thought about any of the other handheld pieces, or are you looking strictly at the wheeled luggage?
  3. I travel with pegase 50 and I absolutely love it but I wonder if the 60 is heavy as I have the 70 as well and even when empty it weighs a ton. My husband loves the samsonite spinner and won't use anything else. It's got 4 wheels that travel in every direction and you don't have to tilt it to get it moving
  4. My experience is that wheeled luggage is the best mostly when I go to London, I cannot be bothered with the traffic and use the tube a lot... I thought about the keepall 50 or 55 (tried them on too) but I'm worried about carrying too much weight - my hand luggage is always around 8 to 10 kilos!!!
  5. I know what you mean... that's my fear. The day before yesterday I was checking the Samsonite Black Label Vintage in fucsia and red (the 55):love: but when I lifted it, it was impossibly heavy!!! If I had some clothes and shoes, I won't be able to lift it at all.
    I haven't tried the Pegase 60, though, must visit the LV store asap!!

    I took a look at the spinner too... it's very comfortable but I wanted something nicer.... Even the Mulberry bags are "boring"... If the LV is heavy, I'll end up with a Samsonite... let's get comfort above style LOL

    Forgot to say: Thanks for your messages!!
  6. I think the Pegase would be really practical and chic! I have the Keepall and it's a perfect size but gets quite heavy the moment you put your toiletries ...
  7. samsonite all the way, a speedy would look cute i suppose, and also lesportsac cosmetic bags, cute and washable and can all be stored into eachother.
  8. I would love to purchase LV luggage but am worried about theft at the airport. I use LeSportSac and it's lightweight, not a huge investment and holds up with lots of use.
  9. I voted Samsonite, though I rather use the hardcases as check ins. I can even sit on them when waiting for subway, in line etc.

    As for carryon I mostly use a Freitag Messenger bag because of its convenience: free hands, front pocket, hard to open without me hearing the sound (so thief proof), it's waterproof and extandable if necessary
  10. I think it might just be the wording of the original post; whenever I hear "hand luggage" I think of carry-on bags like a satchel or tote, not a rolling suitcase like the Pegase.

    Cece, have you thought of the Taiga or Damier Geant men's luggage pieces as alternatives to the monogram canvas? I don't know if there are any discernible differences in weight, but they're much more discreet in appearance.
  11. Thanks a lot for this advise... I actually haven't thought about it and yes, I think they are much more discreet than the Damier... The thing is, I'm a Damier freak :upsidedown: and that's where the problem begins!!!! But I'm going to take a look at the other ones.

    The only thing about carrying a LV one - and I was thinking about it today - is that sometimes I leave my luggage at the hotel or the cloackroom in some places before entering meetings... A LV will really get noticed in no time among the black Samsonites and there begins the risk of somebody getting tempted... don't know maybe I'm being very paranoid :shame:
    I'll go on a shopping expedition this weekend... I'll keep you posted whether I found anything!!!

    Thank you all for your comments!!! :flowers:
  12. That's what I thought when I tried it on some time ago... It looks great, but when you put a couple of things, it gets very heavy... :sad:
  13. Well, I'm confused a bit by the question too. I travel for business on 1-4 day trips about once a month and this is what I do:

    1 day trip (no overnight) - bring my 1st season Marc Jacobs collection 'work tote'. I don't know if any of you remember it but it was his 'big bag' before the Stella. It's huge - about 19 x 14 x6, but is smushy enough to roll up under the 'seat in front of me'. So it fits my paperwork, all supplies and I can discreetly pack undies and tshirt/jeans in case I get stuck at the airport - and looks so professional. It's both a purse and a workbag and luggage in one. No other bags.

    2-3 day trip - LV Speedy 40 for clothes shoved into the overhead bin. It can take a beating and still look great. Marc Jacobs Stella for papers and to use as a briefcase at the meeting (folded up under the seat).

    4+ day trip - Lands End rolling suitcase sized for overhead bins. (It's a medium size). My Stella for the meeting.

    Never check expensive luggage. Ummm...NEVER! A friend of mine in law school used to live next door to a baggage handler at O'Hare. (Law school is expensive after all.) Anyway the stories he would tell were fiercely funny but completely horrifying at the same time. Basically, assume your luggage is searched every time it's checked and you've got the idea.

    And never, ever, EVER check jewelry in luggage. Wear it all or carry it all.
  14. I love my Diane Von Furstenberg luggage, and it's perpetually on sale. There's a lot of options as far as sizes and shapes and colors and fabrics. It's not heavy at all, it's very durable, and mine is easy to clean. Highly recommended. I have a large rolling, smaller rolling, wheeled city bag, and beauty case.
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