Best Hand Cream

  1. I've started to notice more lines on my hands since I got married and significantly increased the amount of dishwashing~ :yucky:

    Now I get my DH to do the dishes or stick them in the washer but my hands... need some serious repairing.

    I can't STAND the sticky and oily feeling of thick hand creams. Anyone have suggestions to any hand cream that is enriching(maybe anti-wrikles, v-C, etc) but not greasy?

  2. The best handcream I have used is the La Mer one. It is truly fabulous and makes your hands feel like silk. It is realy moisturising but not at all greasy as it sinks in really quick.
    Even when my hands were really weather beaten, La Mer made then so silky soft and smooth.
  3. i'm obsessed with hand cream! i love aveda's hand relief for its light fresh scent. but for scented creams, my fav is jaqua pink buttercream frosting, it smells soooo yummy! and its really moisturizing.
  4. I love Ahava!!! It is from Israel and the Dead great for me. :smile:
  5. I second that Shea butter by L'occutane (sp)?great for the hands.
  6. Kiehl's Creme de Corps is my favorite. Thick, only for a minute, then absorbs perfectly.
  7. I love Jurlique's Rose or Lavender Hand cream and in the winter, I use Elizabeth Arden's 24 hour skin protectant.
  8. I love Mary Kay Satin Hands, I hate everything else MK but that hand cream is amazing, especially if you use those gloves, Bliss has great spa gloves, by the way!!
  9. I like the Aveeno hand cream and the C.O. Bigelow hand cream with quince extract. When I have samples of La Mer hand cream, I put it on at night and put gloves on overnight.
  10. ohhhhh! i love their clay masque!
  11. Aveeno Intense Hand Therapy (I use it on my elbows too.)
  12. have you thought about getting your hands a 'facial'? They're becoming VERY popular since hands show age SO quickly.
    I'm considering it.
  13. I must have tried hundreds of different hand lotions over the years. I always go back to Crabtree & Evelyn.
  14. Ahava is great and I also love H2O brand hand cream