Best Haircut for round shaped faces?

  1. I've been blessed with a round face. :push::roflmfao:

    I've wanted to get a new cut and style for awhile, but I'm not sure what would cut down on the roundness, nd what would accentuate it. Any ideas or suggestions?

    I'd been thinking about a long bob, past the shoulders in the front and perhaps bottom of neck length in back, but I'm thinking that would just make my face look rounder.
  2. I have a round face too. I find that when my hair is longer, my face looks slimmer. One time I cut my hair to my shoulders and felt like my face looked so round. Also when I have more volume on the top of my head, it looks slimmer. I also have some highlights that I hope make my face look slimmer too.
  3. I don't have a round face shape myself, but I've seen pictures of women with rounder faces with pretty, sideswept bangs that seems to help create angles and more definition in a rounder face shape. :smile: I think anything supershort would emphasize roundness, as would a straight, parted down the middle hairstyle. I think the bob you mentioned possibly getting, maybe with some texture and volume at the crown and even the sideswept bangs would look really great! :smile:
  4. I have a round face and full, puffy cheeks (blessing and a curse!). I used to have a chin length bob for years with shorter layers in back. It was fun but I now realize chin length was not flattering. I now keep longer layers and grew my hair out to about collarbone length...much softer and flattering.
  5. I've been blessed with a pretty round face as well :smile:

    I would suggest getting side bangs, longer style, and highlights. They really elongate the face.

  6. cute hair!!!! but... u guys called that round face??? thats nothing compared to mine!!!!!=P im extra cursed i guess -_-. But ya ive tried side swept several times since thats wut the stylist always suggest.... but i just cant stand the damn hair in my face!
  7. ^^ Bags you look great and love those cheekbones! Yeah, I'm rounder I'm afraid..cheekbones are somewhere deeply hidden.

    Love your hair, Bags!
  8. Whew Bags, gorgeous! The hair, AND you! :yes:

    I'm afraid my face is also a bit rounder than yours. :roflmfao: Even as a beanpole, my face was almost moon shaped!

    Thanks for all the advice, ladies!

    I think I'll go for side-swept bangs and highlights, once I save enough money for a proper job. :graucho:
  9. do you think that you could e-mail pics of your inverted bob to my e-mail address?!? it's I have been growing my hair out for 2 years so that I can donate it to locks of love, being that I am a cancer survivor. I am ready to gut my hair and I have been thinking about getting the invorted bob. The issue is, is that I am a thick girl with a round I was just wondering if you would send me pic so that i could see.....hope I am not out of line by asking....take care and I can't wait to see what my potential new haircut may look like!
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