best hair dye for at-home use?

  1. i wanna go back to dark brown hair and was thinking about doing it at home since only half my head is dyed brown/blonde and i don't feel like paying $80 for a simple dye job.

    what brand is the best? what's the most healthiest?

    what do you ladies use?

  2. I like loreal preference! It works great and it's nice and thick so it doesn't get all over the floor and your clothes!
  3. Just be careful when dyeing over blond at home - sometimes it can turn greenish. If you're going to do it yourself, I would suggest calling the Clairol hotline and asking them for their advice. Usually they will say that you should put a red color (they'll tell you which shade) over the blond first, followed by the brown you want. The red acts as a filler and will deposit the red tones that are naturally found in brown hair.

    Good luck!
  4. oh no... sounds more complicated than i thought. :sad:
    i never even thought about that! thanks for mentioning it and thanks for the tips!! :smile:
  5. Just don't use an ash color- Ash carries the green. If you use a natural or golden you will be fine.
  6. loreal preference is GREAT and easyu
  7. but if your going for a compelelty diff oclor buy 2 boxes to make sure its even..... sometimes though to ensure its good u rbetter off goign to the hair dressers
  8. What about using a semi or demi-permanent color? When my stylist covered over my gold highlights, she used a demi-permanent color so she wouldn't further damage my hair. I have tried Clairol's Natural Instincts (Egyptian Plum) at home (I'm trying to save the $275 it would cost me to get my hair done at my usual salon) and have had good results.
  9. i'm gonna be using the darkest brown possible. will that be okay? :confused1:
  10. I had blond highlights to my medium brown hair. I decided highlights were too much work so I added lo-lights to my hair. It turned out pretty well. It blended pretty well but my hair is still not as dark as it originally was.
  11. i could do that but i also have a base colour! my hair is naturally dark brown, but i have a light brown base w/ golden blonde highlights. maybe i could do lowlights on just my golden brown highlights?
  12. How dark and what shade is your hair naturally? These hair dyes come out darker than you think. I have been every shade out there! LOL My friends who have black hair use dark brown shades.
  13. I wouldn't use dark brown even though that is your natural color. I would use a medium natural brown. It will be perfect on you. Make sure you leave it on the full amount of time. When I am going from blonde to dark brown I leave it on for about 30 minutes.
  14. You will probably have good luck if you go to a Beauty Suppy store and talk to someone who works there that knows about color. When I dyed my sister in law's and friends hair dark brown after being dyed light blond I had to use a filler first which made the hair orange (it is supposed to) and then the brown dye was put on right after that. It came out great. I like Sally's beauty supply stores, you can get more color selections that the salons use. I also would tell you to think about going darker. I have been coloring my hair everything from bleach blond to light blond, it is medium brown naturally--well I colored it medium brown about 2 months ago and hate it..... I have had compliments that it is a pretty color but it is just too dark for me after being blond for so long. So I am going back to my short choppy cut (hope to get it cut shorter this week) and will go the lightest blond possible. I really thought I would like the dark brown and it was the worst thing I could do.
  15. revlon cornsilk is the best to use if youre trying to go darker and really makes youe hair shine