Best H Store in China?

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I am v new to this forum and have loved reading all your experiences.

    There's a lotta lovely people in this group.

    :confused1: I'm off to China in Dec and am wondering which H store has the most extensive stock - Shanghai or Beijing? I will be in Shanghai first and don't want to commit to something there if there's better choice in Beijing.

    HB xx

    Phew - my first post!!
  2. Haven't been to the Beijing store but there isn't much at the Shanghai store - at least not many bags on display. Good Luck!
  3. hey handy - don't know about China, but welcome!!
  4. Thanks FD for the tip - and GF for the welcome.

    Still feeling strangely shy :blush: but pleased to join you all.

    Perhaps I should just buy myself a little bon voyage gift from home!
  5. I'm thinking of Shanghai, cos DH goes there lots and says the people there are the richest in China. Plus lotsa expats live there.
  6. I heard the price in China is not that fantastic - much more than USA or Europe. Almost the same price, if you buy off ebay. Maybe you can confirm that when u are there :flowers:
  7. :yes: Do that AS WELL as shopping in China!!!
  8. Ahhhhh.... I'm liking you gals already. Will def scope out the China scene and hopefully post some window pics too.