Best GEL facial skincare cream/lotion...

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  1. Can anyone suggest to me their favorite gel face cream/lotion?

    I used to love the Chanel hydramax gel lotion in a bottle but they discontinued it...I like the gel texture but something that is hydrating. I have combination/dry during winter and combination oily during summer time.

    Usually dry along the cheekbones and around the lips but a slightly oily t-zone/nose area...


    I just got the La Mer moisturizing gel but found that to be not too hydrating at all...i feel like i put some on, and then touch my cheeks and face a few minutes later and it feels parched and dry and looks slightly dry still... =(

    Maybe returning it for some regular creams from Cellcosmet but was wondering if people have favorite gels too.


  2. I have the same skin type and I like Lancome's aqua fusion. It's not really a GEL but it's light and hydrating.:tup:
  3. sorry posted twice!
  4. ^^did you mean the cream or lotion...i was worried since i dont have oily skin all i didnt want it to be too light or not hydrating enough which is how the la mer gel seems to feel...but the la mer cream is too heavy...
  5. Cetaphil lotion or eucerin lotions with Q10 are really hydrating and comes in fragrance really lasts and makes the complextion look better....these can be found in drugstores...

    Oil of olay's "7" products are really great, Ive used it for a while now and I would not be without it.....

    Honestly, Im getting tired of shelling out the money for La mer, it really is a great product but not really worth the money they are charging....and it keeps going makes the complexion clear and calm but Im finding out that so does all the products I mentioned above...
  6. Chanel's Hydramax+ moisture boost creme has a creme/gel like consistency. Very good for that pesky dry skin
  7. I was going to suggest La Mer but since that doesn't work for you, why don't you try Creme de La Mer? If the gel doesn't moisturize enough, the creme will definitely work for you.