Best functional work tote with long handle

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  1. Hi all,
    Just wanna know some ideas on what totes u all carry for work?
    I'm looking for a functional tote bag with zip closure .
    I was looking at Chanel but most bags have open type top.
    Any ideas ladies ?
  2. which bag did you end up with? i recently ordered a tory burch robinson top handle tote , and it looks great with all the pockets and organization inside. waiting to receive it in a few days.
  3. my bag arrived!! so happy with it!
    First picture is the actual bag, havent removed the tissue wrapping until i actually wear it. second pic is what it looks like on the website when totally unwrapped. cant wait to wear it!! totally functional with front and back pockets on the outside of the bag, a middle zip for valuables and more pouches and zips inside.
    bag1A.jpeg bag1.png
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  4. Senreve- I swear I don't work for them I just really love their work bags. I have the Maestra but am definitely considering the Voya tote. It comes with an extra pouch too!

    voya2.JPG voya.JPG voya 3.JPG
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