Best friend having problem with neighbors. How to deal?

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  1. So my best friend came complaining to me and I just didn't know what to tell her so ladies with more experience please advise.

    My best friend and her husband just managed to save up $4,000 to repave the concrete in front of her house and her neighbor's dog has made a habit of peeing there. The problem is that it stains the new concrete that they worked so hard to save money to repave. Her and her husband have repeatedly politely asked the owner of the dog to please have her dog pee elsewhere. Each time she either only mumbles okay or does not respond at all but sure enough, she continues to let her dog pee there. It's as if the neighbor does not care and does not listen. The staining on the new concrete has gotten really bad. Any advice to deal with such irresponsible and unresponsive owners?
  2. i'm a dog owner but my bichon only goes on her puppy pad. she refuses to go anywhere else. the neighbor's dog is relieving himself at the same spot because of the smell and marked territory. there are products at the pet store you can spray to make that scent go away or be offensive to the dog.
    maybe she can go that route?
  3. I would try a repellent that can be bought at a pet store. They have them for both indoor and outdoor uses. I've never noticed one for concrete, but I'd try the one for shrubs and trees.

    Your friend's neighbor is being irresponsible. There's no excuse for her behavior. The poor doggie doesn't know any better, but his owner should. Hope the situations works out well.
  4. There is a product called SCRAM!! at pet stores. The odor is repulsive to dogs and cats. I'm not sure if it can be sprayed on concrete, maybe it can be sprayed it on a piece of throwaway carpeting and left on the spot.