best friend b-day gift??

  1. looking for something around $50??
  2. What are her interests/hobbies?
  3. What I would like from my best GF would be treat with alone time with her.

    A manicure or pedicure together, lunch together, movie together, high tea together, etc etc.
  4. aww....wish I could:crybaby:! but i'm on the east coast and she's on the west!

    i think jewelry is a good suggestion! thank you folks!
  5. miamialli, if your friend likes to write, you might also wish to consider asking this excellent seller to send the item directly to your friend:

    littleputbooks - handfolded accordion note cards


    I've bought several items from her, mainly as gifts - highly recommended!
  6. spa gift card! every girl needs one
  7. adorable! thank you!:nogood:
  8. My best friend is pretty hard to shop for, and also lives sort of far away, so my options were fairly limited... In the past I've sent her gift cards, or certificates for mani/pedis, fun packages full of stuff...

    This year I chose to do an "adopt" my friend's favorite animal through the World Wildlife Federation. So it sent her a little stuffed panda and a note about what the donation would support and an adoption certificate. She liked it a lot.

    WWF | Online Giving Center - Adoptions