Best foundation??

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  1. okay I am sooo not a foundation person. I hate the caked on feeling and am looking for something light to just give me a little cover up and evenness. Can anyone recommend a good foundation??

    I was using Maybelling Wonder Finish which is a liquid that felt like using a powder but they discontinued it or I can't find it anymore around me.

    I saw an infomercial for bare minerals (I think that's what it was) which seems like what I'm looking for but want something more in my price range. Also I didn't like how you needed like 4 different steps, seems too much for me. I want something in one step and simple to use! I normally wear MAC makeup but have never tried their foundation, is it heavy and cakey looking??

  2. Check out Everyday Minerals. Try sending away for the free sample and see how you like it, their prices are amazing compared to Bare Minerals. ( I agree with you, a bit on the expensive side)
  3. I've always found it's best to go to MAC to find your shade, and then to go around with your shade number to other brands. It's a lot easier to find a colour match this way :p

    Revlon makes good makeup. But the best foundation I've tried has been by Dior, it's really worth the price. Although the down side is that they don't have much choice when it comes to shades.
  4. what about a tinted moisturizer?
    a little coverage, a little color and its light.

    I HATE bare minerals, it accentuates wrinkles or cracks and people seem to think they look allot better with it than what they really do. mac has tons of shades and a diverse coverage selection to choose from.
  5. I was watching Rachel Ray and they said that Physic. Formula mineral makeup in a tube stays on during the summer heat and humitity. I'm going to try it.
  6. I use a Shiseido compact foundation, but I've heard FAB reviews about mineral makeup on this board, and I think that will be my next purchase once my current compact runs out.
  7. I broke out from it b/c my skin is sensitive to silicones, but before that I LOVED that foundation. The finish is amazing and it really does last through heat/humidity. Easy to apply, too. If not for the silicones I'd still be using it every day!
  8. Spaceytracey-
    I've tried everything-the best tinted moist I found-also the cheapest-was Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer. I use Jane Iredale mineral foundation now, but's it's PRICEY.
  9. I like the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer, but found
    Jane Iredale seem to make pores stand out and people lines stand out more.
  10. I have this stuff and love it!:p When you put it on, it looks like YOUR skin instead of foundation!!! And it lasts all day in the summer!
  11. I love Chanel's powder foundation -- comes in a very nice size compact -- large mirror. I used Shiseido's compact foundation before that -- but I do prefer Chanel's. One nice thing about a powder foundation is that it feels like a sheer powder -- not cakey or heavy. Both Chanel and Shiseido's powder foundations have SPF, too.
  12. can you buy that at stores like savon or target??
  13. I hardly ever wear foundation, but when I do I use MAC's Studio Fix Powder Foundation. I would not recommend this product if you have dry skin as it is very drying, so be sure to moisturize well before use! I think next I may try something by Chanel.
  14. I started using Boots No. 7 stay perfect foundation yesterday and like it so far. My breakouts are stopping and the color (blonde) matched great. I just don't know if its enough coverage for me. It also has an spf 12. Got it at target for about $16
  15. I like Susan Posnick's Colorflo foundation. I haven't had good luck with mineral foundations but this is so easy. Excellent color match, SPF and it doesn't make my face shiny. It's not matte but it makes you look luminous. The foundation is in the brush. It is pricey...$64 but you can get refills. I ordered from