Best Foundation Primers....


    right now i'm using armani's master primer which works wonders...

    i also just recently bought MAKE UP FOREVER's green primer

    i only used it once yesterday and i liked it but i have to use to more to give my full review...i use this with tinted moisturizer and it gets rid of the red blotchy spots on my face....

    list your fave's! im curious to know what everyone uses and what you find has worked and sucked! =) :tup:
  2. My favorite is Laura Mercier primer and then I use the tinted moisturizer.
    I love them both, makes my skin look flawless .
  3. I like the one I got from Smashbox.

    I have oily skin, so foundation alone can sometimes fade away as my face gets oily. the primer is very light and sheer and when I put on my foundation, it doesnt look as greasy during the day and the color stays on. definite recommend for someone with oily skin
  4. i was actually at sephora looking for a powder or something...then ended up getting the LORAC tinted was the one she rec'ed me but i wonder why she didn't rec the Laura Mercier since it's the best seller or won that 2007 sephora beauty award it oil free?
  5. Same here. I have oily skin, and have been using Smashbox's Photo Finish Primer for some time now, and it does help my foundation stay on much better than without. It works well with oily skin. However, based on all the reviews I've read on MUA, and from armanigirl, I will be trying out Armani's primer once I'm done with my Smashbox one.
  6. I use the clear smashbox one...i found the smaller tube in sephora to work better, than the larger pump the pump style one, it gets stuck and you don't get that much product out, and it become a waste of $$$
  7. I love the smashbox primer! My skin is kind of oily too so it's great!!
  8. I have acne issues, so I've tried green primers before... but they are SO green and I'm SO pale that I end up with green on my face. Does this happen to everyone or just me because I'm so pale? Does it blend better on darker skinner people?
  9. Another oily skinned Smashbox user!! I also use MAC prep+prime and I don't know if its just me but the MAC seems to work better when I use my powder foundation. Out of the 2 I do prefer the Smashbox though.
  10. are those of you that have oily skin and using the clear smashbox primer, do you use the regualr photo finish primer or the photo finish light primer? I have oily skin and want to get one of these but want to make sure i get the right one. TIA!
  11. I use Bare Escentuals primer and it works well! No complaints!
  12. ^^
    Yep BE Prime time. It is really nice, My mom loves it under her stilla tinted moisturizer. I use it with BE.
  13. I use the light primer :yes:
  14. do you use the make up forever green primer or the smashbox green one?

    well not that it matters but i use the make up forever's and i'm medium skin tone and i don't notice any green on my face..maybe it does work better w/ darker skin tones..if you check the link in my original post, Make up forever has other color primers that would probably work better with your skin color =)
  15. I forgot to mention this. I hope it helps for comparison. I used the MAC primer with SPF for a while and just recently switched to smashbox. The MAC was really lightweight and I like that it had SPF because some foundations don't have any. I like the smashbox because it just seems lighter to me. Both are pretty nice and worth the price. They aren't outrageously priced anyway.